I'm Sonny, nice to meet y'all!

Hi guyz 'n galz,
My name is Sonny, 38 (already?) years old. Born on the beautiful island of Curacao but living in the Netherlands for most of my life. I love everything tech, play video games and work in IT for a cancer institute. Also glad to be part of the Eve community!


Welcome mate! Happy to have you here and - as most of the insiders already know - your legendary jokes :slightly_smiling:

Lol! Happy to be here! :smile:

Ah. Sweet Curacao. Been there for a deployment. Did the Christoffel mountain, had fun at Willemstad, and I still remember the steakhouse El Gaucho!

ADD: Nope, did not visit the brothel lol.

Sweet Curacao indeed. I’m going back later this year :grin:
So you did not visit the brothel ey? That’s what they all say :wink:
Just kidding!! :stuck_out_tongue: