I'm in a need of advice

So basically, I have been wanting to buy a new monitor for almost a year now, when I came across the Spectrum. It ticked every box I had with no compromises. IPS? yes. 240hz for competitive gaming? yes. 1440p for crispiness? yes. GSync and FreeSync? YES. HDR600? YES. These are pretty much all the boxes I wanted to be ticked and so far Spectrum is the only one looking to tick all of them.

Only thing is, now that the Samsung Odyssey G7 was released, it almost ticks all of those boxes, except IPS. Would it be stupid of me to ask for a refund of the deposit and go for the Odyssey because even though I wish only well for the Eve team and sincerely hope that they shake the monitor market with Spectrum, I did not think that the shipping would still be so far away. I somehow thought that the previous big update would give a definite window for when to expect the monitor to ship.

Technically speaking from comparing these 2 monitors, would it be stupid of me to not wait for a couple of months more (or more, who knows) and get a technically inferior monitor or just bite the bullet and sacrifice IPS for the sake of actually getting the damn monitor sometime soon.

Eve spectrum release is very close.
I personally would definitely wait those few months.

But in the end you have to decide.
Do whatever you think is the best

Yeah, I’ll probably wait for the next update and decide then.

Also keep in mind, I believe the Samsung Odyssey series had recalls due to panel issues. But if you feel you’d enjoy the curved panel etc. go for it! :smiley:


Another reason to wait is HDMI 2.1 for futureproofness.

Thanks for the help, that actually helped out quite a bit.

Like I said earlier, I’m probably going to wait for another update and if there STILL isn’t any info on a specific shipping date by then, I’ll probably snatch the G7 and see if I like it (probably from Gigantti, which is a hugely popular retailer here in Finland and Scandinavia, also known as El Giganten in Sweden, Elko in Iceland and Elding in Faroe Islands) because they have a no questions asked 50 day return policy. You can basically buy the monitor and if you keep the boxes and keep the monitor without any scratches or visible marks, you can return it in 50 days if you don’t like it, which is very nice.

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Yes, there are issues with the gsync.

Canceled my preorder.

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How ? I havent been able to get a response from them?

I would recommend you contact Support again. I recently contacted them, and my query was answered, and resolved.