I'm Eden, and I make things!

Hey everyone! Figured I would pop in here and introduce myself!

My name is Eden, I’m a 16 year old queer nerd who loves photography and PC Building/Modding.

I was drawn into eve by the community oriented philosophy and vibrant forum (but mostly Linus Tech Tips)

I’m super new here and I’m 90 percent sure Helios already hates me for how many posts of mine they’ve had to fix xD

Thanks for welcoming me into your community and I can’t wait to get making!


Welcome Eden! If you need anything just ask :wink:

Aand I can’t finish this post without asking if you like football and in this case Hazard xD :smile:

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I played EU Football for a bit and looooved it (and I just got the football player reference, very smooth)

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Hi, Eden, welcome to the community!

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lol literally the same story

One doesn’t become a CM if one goes around hating people for making one have stuff to do. And do know that if I hadn’t been away in the middle of no-where, it may as well have been me as Rob(Helios) that had moved all the stuff.

But on a lighter note, welcome to the community. I should probably say that more often now that the welcome messages no longer are sent from me, instead sent on my behalf. But that’s beside the point.
I hope your time here is rewarding, but I am not sure whether I should say I hope you get as obsessed with it as some of us are… (How is this a lighter note?)


Hi, Eden. Welcome to the community.

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HI Eden,

Welcome to the community.
If you any questions about the V, you can ask anything to the community :slight_smile:

Hi Eden, welcome to the community! I also like to make stuff, isn’t it one of the most satisfying things?

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I welcome Eve to Eden, oops… I mean, welcome to the community! :wink:
Great to see new creative minds joining us.
Where are you from? And where do you study/work/chill/etc.? :grin:

Welcome to the Community! :smiley:

Wait, you’re Eden, but on the other hand it isn’t eden?

Sorry, but your user name beat me to making bad jokes :person_shrugging:


Hello Eden. Welcome to the community.

Thanks for all the warm welcomes everyone! And don’t worry @nawthor, I appreciate both of you and get that it’s totally cool :slight_smile:

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