Ignored by Support Email for months

Is anyone else having problems being completed ignored by Dough email support for weeks or months at a time?

I received a Spectrum monitor with a defective part (the joystick on the back is broken), and I’ve been trying to get a repair process started via email for FOUR MONTHS and Support has just stopped responding to the thread before giving me return instructions. I’ve followed up numerous times, tried starting brand-new tickets from the website, etc. I’ve even used different email addresses to see if I could get through.

I haven’t gotten ANY response from email support. VERY frustrated.


Hey there,

I’m sorry that you haven’t received any response. Can you please DM me your ticket number?

I’ve DM’d you my ticket number and further details. Thank you for responding.

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20 days later (and almost FIVE MONTHS now) contacting Support about a defective monitor and still NO RESPONSE, after several attempts.

And now it’s been 2+ weeks since hearing back from @Cas with no updates either. Have I been blacklisted, or what?

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Hey there!

Sorry I must have missed your DM somewhere. I will look it up!

Thanks @Cas, please let me know.