If you could improve on V, what would it be?

I know V is finalized, no debate about that. However, if you could change or add something to V, what would it be and why?
Who knows, maybe V2 model will implement your idea.

For me, i would add slots on the pogo side of the V. So you can attach a normal hard keyboard or type-cover keyboard.

(example of a normal slot keyboard, transformer)

I know foldio case is meant to solve the “lapability” but nothing beats a normal keyboard “lapability”. Would be awesome to swap between normal to type-cover keyboard depending on your day. Never seen a 2in1 offer versatility to keyboard option.

With the normal keyboard configuration, you can put another harddrive or battery inside the keyboard to extend V or keyboard battery life.


I’d want a 1 Tb SSD. I just have so much music and having it all on the go would be awesome :relaxed:
Especially with this awesome audio jack :grin:


Spotify is my go to.


I don’t tink it’s about slots but more about the weight of the keyboard being lower than the weight of the tablet-part.

Someone already had an idea for a keyboard with an additional battery.
I think that may be possible with some stiffer mechanism to attach the V tablet-part magneticaly to it.
I hope you all get what I mean.

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Right now, I’m just looking through my music on a regular basis and put the stuff that I want to listen to on my phone. It’s not a big deal, but more space would make it easier for me :slight_smile:
I don’t see the point in paying for music I already bought (or got otherwise :innocent:) and I buy the few new albums that interest me each year anyways :smiley: and the “advertisement” is just plain annoying IMO.


A pen like the SP4 pen and a bigger battery in the Keyboard. Nothing else…

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I think we don’t need more pins in the pogo connector but to add a USB-C TB3 to connect a very good “dock” …

  • That “dock” could be a keyboard with battery and graphics card and more connectors like a hdmi full size,…
  • Or it could be the actual keyboard (on pogo)
  • Or it could be a regular dock station for desktop

Free Spotify mate. Spotify is great for mainstream, anything they don’t have i put on my laptop/phone.

But I don’t want to listen to some girl recommending me Spotify premium every other song :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaha. There is an app that mutes the adverts. but yeah i get you. I just see the advantage of not having to worry about hard disk space + all the other benefits outweighs the muted ads.

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And those slots can be that “stiffer mechanism” :wink:

For me, I’d make a decent keyboard. Don’t get me wrong, ours is no worse than Surface Pro 4 and similar devices, but let’s face it. They all suck really bad. I’m thinking of selling my keyboard cover because I have a much better USB keyboard that fits in my backpack.

I don’t really get it mate.

Slots are needed to keep the “normal/transformer” keyboard stiff. so you can tilt the display without worrying.

I dont think so, i mean if it is possible without slots i would be happy. But i dont think its possible to keep the “stiffness”.

Top priority

  • Better camera! Very important if you use V on conferences or in education to quickly make a good snapshot of a board or a result somewhere. Often the light is not the best and so the picture will be garbage with V. If camera would be better I could directly insert a picture into OneNote or a folder of stuff I’m working on in that moment. When I switch to my phone to make the picture I have extra work afterwards to put sync al lphotos and put them into the right place.

Nice to have

  • Even brighter display (new Macbook Pro has >550 nits, Eve V has 450 nits)
    Terrace + Sun + V with bright display + power plug would be pretty cool in combination with my 9.7" E-Book-Reader to make notes and some tests while reading tech books.
  • Better handling to connect V keyboard to different devices with profiles: once they are saved, just press Fn+1, Fn+2, Fn+3 to connect the keyboard to a certain device (some Logitech keyboards can do this with fixed buttons).

These are not that important, but would also be nice:

  • 1 TB SSD
  • slightly lighter color to hide scratches
  • print all FN functions (insert missing)
  • fn-lock-light on fn button (as on caps lock)
  • slightly different Fn key scheme: Alt Gr + Ctrl to the right of space and menu as fn function on ctrl (since menu is always the key right of Alt Gr)
  • LTE from the start
  • even bigger battery (there was some space left on pictures of opened V)
  • better repairability to replace SSD (even if that would mean no unibody) + user replaceable battery to minimize downtime once the battery is garbage

All in all, when I think about it, V seems to be really great on paper. There are not many thing that I would desperatly want to be different. In contrast to every other device out there, there is no knockout argument that keeps me from buying it. Everything I wanted from my next device is there: No annoying fans, good battery, bright display, 16GB RAM, Thunderbolt + USB legacy ports, pen. That’s a combination that currently only Eve offers. :heart_eyes:


Hmm you may be right.
Maybe something that holds the tablet part left and right where it can slide in.
Like some rails where it slides in.

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I thought that but you risk the screen from cracking or frame from bending etc. Basically more risk(im presume). I guess thats why Asus,Acer etc use the slot system.

Better pen (with eraser)
Full SD card (flush inserted)
GPS (functional)
1 TB SSD option
32 GB RAM option


Ok. Better camera (take some of the perfect finnish Nokia Smartphone cameras) and pogo pins inside the tablet an not in the Keyboard are two more points…


I agree on the pogo, it is weird how the keyboard pogo sticks out.

I second the above.

I was late joining the community therefore missed the chance to vote for better cameras, at least better than 2mp for the front. But oh well.


Assuming you mean “that could actually be manufactured by current technology, but not necessarily in a cost effective manner and keep the current form factor” I’d go with:

Make it slightly larger, not because I want a larger screen, but because I want an extra column of keys on the right side of the keyboard. For me, a keyboard without standalone home/end/ins/del/PgDn/PgUp is really only usable for casual web surfing. Just not having them in the normal positions will be enough hassle, having to hit special combo key combinations will just make it worse.

Find a way to put the TB3/USB-C connectors on one of the short edges instead of long edges, so that we don’t have cables dangling off the top of the tablet, OR either expand the POGO connector in some backwards compatible way or put a docking port on there.

Honestly, I’ll be using my Eve V as a tablet when I’m away from my desk. When I’m anywhere where it won’t be in my lap, I’ll probably be hooking it up to power and a real keyboard. So yes, my priorities aren’t exactly like most people’s, I’m more interested in how well I can dock it :slight_smile:

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