Ideas needed: Pluto, Genie, Spectrum? Project names & communities you follow!


Project: Code Name

Picking a project code name is exciting, and this time around we have not one but three names to pick!

Project code names can say something about the goals of the project (The V was developed as Project: Pyramid Flipper, because the goal was to flip the corporate pyramid), or just funny (Project: Donald Dock is named after a certain Duckburg citizen, except… it’s a dock). They don’t have to be boring! We’re not stuck with the name, after all. The final name for the end product will be decided later

Here are some interesting code name suggestions we already have (there are more!):

For the headphones:

  • Project: S (for Sound)
  • Project: Euterpe (the muse in charge of music in Greek legend)

For the monitor:

  • Project: Spectrum
  • Project: Vision

For the mini-PC:

  • Project: Genie (phenomenal cosmic powers, itty bitty living space)
  • Project: Diamond (strong but still looks great)
  • Project: Pluto (the smallest planet …or is it?)

We have a couple of suggestions for our mini-PC project, but we haven’t yet seen many ideas for the headphones or monitor. Help us out by posting your suggestions in the project topics, and we’ll bring the submissions up for a vote soon.

Related communities and media

Now that we know what product categories we’re going after, it helps to know a bit more about the product types we’ll be developing. So let’s list some of the valuable resources we can all tap into to broaden our knowledge and make the best choices during development!

To that end, I want to hear what other communities, media and YouTubers you follow for audio, monitors, mini-PCs and docking stations! Feel free to mention bigger ones too :slight_smile:

For me personally I frequently read:

  • Vlad Savov from Verge for Audio :musical_note:
  • Display Mate, TFT Central and SID for monitors and TVs :tv:
  • Dave2d, Linus, Anandtech for all things PC :slight_smile: :computer:
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I use local media mostly for audio and monitors since either it’s comprehensive enough or I just want to be sure the product being reviews is actually available here.

As for PC:
Don’t forget Gamers Nexus and Hardware Canucks.

(I like project Genie for the PC)

For PC related I follow Linus, Dave2D and Austin Evans, Mr Mobile also have some great take on laptops.

For Audio I follow SoundGuys and do more research and find user reviews more helpful in general.

For Displays: DisplayMate and consumer reviews(they really are better in these type of products).

We can name the headphone project as Project Beethoven and for the monitor we can have Project Aurora

I like the name “Project Pluto” :smiley:

Project “S” seems to be a little bit… boring… I don’t know. And the second word I almost cannot pronounce :sweat_smile: But I also miss some good idea.

For the monitor I maybe have another idea:

Project Portal

Like a portal to another dimension of light, colors, contrasts… It can be associated with “immersive” and somehow “futuristic”. And it would also start with “P” like Pyramid Flipper, Pluto, … Just a random idea :slight_smile:

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GamersNexus is probably the best technical review source on Youtube and I would love it for them to recieve preproduction models of the mini-pc for testing and feedback. Their work is great. I also watch Linus, Bitwit, Jayztwocents, pauls hardware, and hardware unboxed, and ocassionally tekeverything when Im looking at small form factor components or cases.

Project Genie is fantastic for the mini-pc project name and even for the product. Eve Genie has a nice ring.

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Honestly I would go with simply calling them Headphones project, mini-PC project, and monitor project. With multiple projects going on, it would be quite hard to follow which is which, especially for new visitors.

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I personally am not a very avid follower of audio products so I’d probably just see if techradar has an article of budget headphones, (I’m not big into audio, so I always cheap out in that department, I still am mainly using the earbuds that came with my phone). For general PC stuff I personally follow LTT, AustinEvans, Dave2d and Jayz2cents, but the only place I know that has done a lot of reviews on mini pc’s is an emulation hardware youtube channel called eta prime. I myself don’t follow any news outlets regarding monitor’s since that’s something that I cheaped out on after blowing the budget for my pc on the hardware, and I haven’t seen any monitors at a reasonable enough price to justify replacing my current one.

I follow MKBHD, Dave2D, David Zhang, Windows Central, Mobile Tech review, Mr. Mobile, (recently) Linus Tech Tips and Jim’s Review Room. They all have delved into different technology I feel so I wouldn’t limit a single item to any. And it would also be intelligent if you reached out to them to ask what they (people who have had experience with products from each of the upcoming projects) what they would like to see in a perfect mini pc, display, headphones, dock.

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Especially Linus seems to offer up business advice more often then not :stuck_out_tongue:


Project Muse for the headphones (I like the band)


ok. let’s summarize. we have/had Donald Dock and pyramid flipper as project names. Donald Duck and flipper were famous child stars in the last century… maybe we should follow this line… :joy:

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Love Spectrum Hail Spectrum, for other name has been shared in respective threads.

Marvin Monitor
Mickey Monitor
Minnie PC
Popeye PC
Project Popeye (mini pc)

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who’s Marvin???
… my little ponyC

Marvin the Martian from Loony Tunes. "I’m going to blow up the Earth ". Bugs Bunny always stopped him.

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Earlier I posted, apparently on another thread, the name “Project Phoenix” for the monitor, but I guess it could be used for other things. I posted that as there is a segment of the anime “The Ancient Magus’ Bride” where Chise, the Bride, flies home with the help of 3 fire fae shaping around here a “Phoenix Bird” of fire flying above the clouds. With a decent monitor, the colors come out really cool! I thought the name and some good video would be a good marketing, though I’m a numbers guy, not a creative person by any means.

P.S. I hope I don’t get in trouble for posting stuff, idk how all that copyright stuff works.