Ideas for Gen 2

Like the above topic, I’m pretty sure that the Eve V is going to destroy the 2-in-1 competition. It is great that Eve is an early follower of this market. When makers are listening to how the consumer want their products to be.

I’m feeling the hype and urge to purchase this eve as my daily driver to replace my laptop. So, maybe I can look forward to the Mark 2/Gen 2 of the Eve tablet 2-in-1.

So below are some ideas/features I would like to see

  1. Full Sized SD card. good for photographers/storage increase
  2. Windows Hello Front Camera IR
  3. Lighter (when battery technology is improved, currently theres grapghene batteries on the market right now)
  4. Processor (powerful, efficient, enough for those minor photoshop, video editing, and some gaming) (right now, AMD and Snapdragon are getting more interesting in the mobile processor)

While I think it’s nice that there are already ideas for The 2nd Gen V, I believe that the graphene battery packs you are talking about are graphene-inspired battery packs, not real battery packs with graphene batteries.


No, the graphene batteries are beginning to show up in the marketplace but they are a little expensive still. Graphene and graphite are used as the separator in the Lithium ION battery to ensure anode and cathode separation, which allows a faster charge, a longer life and protection against ignition and / or explosion. This is a first step.


Until they become a real difference, reaches the masses, cost-efficient, I’m good with lithium-ion batteries


Putting down my community manager hat for a minute here - I really like the ideas that get thrown in the ring here - especially the Full Sized SD-cardreader as well as the Windows Hello Camera.
However, I think the V right now is pretty damn fine and it’ll take some time before the competition catches up in terms of bang/buck and personally I don’t want us to work on a “V2” right out of the gate - maybe in a year or so we can start working on it but before that I don’t think that we have even the option of making a “V2” worth it - what could we upgrade from the V right now?
Pretty much only that - maybe some other small tweaks, but nothing major - so while I appreciate the improvements, put them on the backburner for a while and lets push out the V for now and maybe make a ruckus in 1-2 other device categories before we come back to the 2in1 formfactor and make the competition wake up again :wink:


Passive liquid-cooled i5/i7-7X00?
IP68 dust- and waterproof? =)
Advanced keyboard with hinge&clamps and additional ports&power for tablet?..
There is a lot of ideas. And some of them already implemented by other producers. So no time to have a rest. IMHO)))


(Throwing in my personal opinion here)

Working on something like this for the V :wink:

Passive liquid cooled i5/i7 - well you can’t really see the Acer Switch Alpha 12 much out in the wild, can you? :wink: I think the idea is not bad, but in general the thing was getting pretty warm so I’m personally not too keen on that.

Nice idea, but my counter to that would be: Use-case? Any feature is cool in theory - but only if you can push a compeling use-case where people would use it in their everyday life (or quite often at least) then that makes sense to put in, if the cost is also not prohibitive.

The advanced keyboard would be the most interesting for me, but I don’t feel we’d need more ports on the V - 2 USB-C and 2 USB-A is already mighty for a 2in1. In general the battery inside would be interesting, but we’re already having 48 Wh - and while upping the runtime is always nice, once we break those double-digits I don’t think it’s worth pushing for more right now.

We’ll not have a rest - we’ll just flip the market in other categories a bit :wink: But first we put out the V! :slight_smile:


intel is in a transition now, so the Gen2 would get a new processor instead of current i7?

i need SD card slot

Given Intel and Eve’s pace, my guess is that “V2” would use Cannonlake (Gen 9) and maybe but unlikely Icelake (Gen 10) or even more unlikely Coffee Lake (Gen 8)

Technology does not stand still :wink:
So, I guess, in addition to the SD card reader, can we expect at least a next generation processor, 3 USB-C/TB ports, instead of one, a bigger SSD, an improved stylus, and, hopefully, a weight reduction? Dare I also mention a high-fi class DAC and a lighter keyboard?

I’d put a newer generation CPU as a “smaller tweak” - if we don’t change much from it :wink:

Also, we’re already featuring 1 USB-C and 1 TB3 port - so I think you were talking about making both TB3?
Bigger SSD is literally the smallest tweak that could be made for a next 2in1 :slight_smile:
Improved Stylus would be nice I agree, and weight reduction is something that I think will be hard to achieve, as we’ve put in a beefy passive cooling solution and I’d not want a successor to perform worse than the V :slight_smile:
A good DAC would be sweet (although I can’t hear the difference to be honest - coming from a FiiO Olympus 2 powering Superlux HD681) and a lighter keyboard will also be hard if we still have the keyboard wireless, but let’s see how battery-technology evolves :wink:


I don’t want eve to care about V2 just yet. We all know what happened to oneplus 2. One was great. 2 sucked and I am stuck with it. And they stopped giving value to their older devices. Eve too is small and after it has more than 1 device. It would be hard to manage that easily.


Or you could maybe offer a non wireless cheaper keyboard too, just leave out the battery at assembly and the wireless chips on the controller. Would be easy I guess. And you could sell it as budget version.

I would also not mind going up to 1tb to show ms that they are not alone up there :wink:


I’ll bite!

Because V2 would be about refinement more than blank sheet design, I would think about improving the following:

  • Screen - high frequency dynamic refresh rate, as shown by newest iPad and years of cool experiences on PC, is a solid path to follow; I don’t think the size nor the resolution would have to change much, if in any way. I was thinking about wider colour gamut, but the reality is that content is not mastered for them, so maybe it does not make much sense.
    Now, maybe QLED and/or HDR could be used. Both - great to have.
  • Internals - we could obviously use a bump to CPU and other chips we use - if anything, it could mean longer battery life. SSD is plenty fast enough, but maybe new, multi-layer architectures would be interesting enough.
    I would add here any custom-ish chip we would like to have: for example, whatever Microsoft is using to get that low input lag for newest Surface, along with iPad doing the same.
    RAM could stay basically the same, in my honest opinion.
  • Build - I don’t see much that could be improved without redesign. But I also don’t see much that should be improved in the first place. Having that said:
  • Kickstand - could use a tweak or five. I don’t feel it’s particularly easy to open and the angle could certainly be wider. I’m afraid Microsoft Studio-like angle would be perfect, which could be too much for “simple” refinement.
  • Power Button - IIRC the original idea was to have it extruding from the chassis. Maybe we could revisit that.
  • Battery - while I don’t think we need a bigger one, maybe some kind of fast-charging could be possible? Is QC4+ even possible within x86 world?
  • Stylus - improvements would be appreciated. Tilt would be nice to have, pressure levels - too, but the biggest change would be, imho, latency. Also, that sweet press-eraser-button-to-start-OneNote is sweet
  • Ports - I would love to have LAN port. It’s probably outside the scope of what’s possible without redesigning, but I would love to have it. : (
  • Keyboard - cheaper option for something else than Alcantara, but in various colors? :3

I came here basically from the YouTube channels of Dave and linus, and if i learned anything by now - any upgrade is meaningless without MORE RGB


For my two cents on what could be done, I am thinking 12 - 18 months out, given that the development cycle would take a minimum of 6 months
1: Cannon Lake processor (we are thinking 12 - 18 months out)
2: Solid State Lithium battery or Graphene composite battery ( that being available in a year is highly likely)
3: 4K screen (highly dependent on #2)
4: HDMI port (micro HDMI port is fine)
5: RJ45 port (Ethernet) This is a lower priority and may not fit with the other items
6: Reduction in sheer heft (highly dependent on #2)
7: 5K camera in front for hi definition webcasts
8: Alexa integration for home automation (not just the app, but something more substantial)
9: Jack on back for projector strip attachment (probably via keyboard, not sure of the interface- like Lenovo thing)
10: Vastly improved stylus (goes with # 10)
11: Install the OS on an Intel OPTANE Drive (dedicated for tight windows load)
12: And this is easy: Create a V Extensions page which provides products which can be bought to extend the V functionality, such as portable graphics co-processors, highly sensitive styluses, whatever else the community comes up with. Have two or three items on the list selected by the community to receive discounts through the V site, this will require some finesse but will provide a give back to participants.


I think micro HDMI would be no benefit to USB C since you will need an adapter anyways


Totally, i mean totally useless in the size on 12-13" screens. This would just eat the battery providing not really nothgin that would be needed in a 2in1

Yeah, really? Why would you need a 5K camera in a 2in1. Normal Fullhd or even 720p cams are totally enough for live streams etc.


The only “advantage” I could think of for the 4K screen is better scaling, but on the other hand Windows 10 got much better in that anyways. Maybe marketing as well, but that’s corporate BS again IMO.

Why do you want Alexa support and how do you want to implement it - the use case for which an app wouldn’t be enough especially? And what can it do that Cortana can’t? @mcalbala


I might misread it… but direct integration of a home automation app would not be a thing for me at all. If someone wants it, there are apps in the store. I want to avoid voice activated home automation altogether and thus would not buy a V if it was a core feature because I’d pay for something I would then have to disable. Although, putting Alexa in leaves Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant out and who says which one is the best or which one to choose?