Idea for V add-on


I think that due to some problems with keyboard scratching V screen or screen coating, EVE should create some protector between keyboard and screen.

I’m personally using microfiber cloth (inexpensive solution, I bought set of 4 on Amazon for CA$10). It would be nice if EVE sells nicely designed thick one with V logo or some picture.


U not using the screen protector tat come along?

Nope - crappy low quality one. Already dirty (dust) on arrival.


And, as someone mentioned on another thread, any screen protector will remove any benefit of the anti-reflective coating.


See what this user said:

Anyways, having to deal with a microfiber cloth hindering every time you want to use the V is the worst solution one could imagine. Even if it’s a “nicely designed thick one”.

I got this one, just waiting for tracking for my HEB 1TB :upside_down_face:
Arrived after 1 week, to norway

I would be on your side, but I think not so many others…

think you mean kind of this

keyboard cover