Idea for a new accessory : external USB monitor


Wouldn’t it be possible for Eve to develop an external USB monitor for use with the V to allow multiscreen while on the move.

There are already external USB monitor but none of them looks ‘nice’ with the V. AOC has one but 17" so too big, ASUS ans Lenovo have also usb monitors but limited to 1920x1080.

What could be great is to re-use the same enclosure and the same screen that are featured in the V.
By using the same enclosure, the cases developped by Mozo to carry the V could be used. Also, having the same kickstand would allow you to have the very same view angle as with the V. It could also lower the development cost as the enclosure already exist (some adaptions have to be made, I know)
By using the same screen, maybe without touch (if the price is very different), it would allow to have the same resolution between the V and the external monitor.

If we look further, the very same battery as the in the V could be integrated in this external monitor to allow using the monitor without draining the tablet battery or this battery could be used as a second battery for the V.

What do you think ?



It would do for an amazing continuum dock!


I think a survey is in order , not which is desired and how much folks would pay for it but rather which folks would use on a daily basis. So far, the list we have heard is eGPU, external screen, external storage, battery pack, and I could think of a host of things I would like to see (offline printer buffer which allows printing to a small device which can be connected to a printer when “back at the office” , an augmented reality solution (one of the many that are out there tested against the EVE V and some sort of either USB C or thunderbolt connected device to augment the technical requirements to use the augmented reality solution, maybe a Mini-eGPU, which may serve the needs of 95% of the EVE V population.) I am thinking on my feet and rambling a bit, I realize, but the survey will come up with equally out there suggestions that could be implemented

This is a Windows tablet. “Continuum” docks are for Windows Phone devices.

But if it’s merely a screen with ports and battery it becomes no more than a ‘dummy’ - ex. no cpu. So in that case you can use it as a continuum dock


I believe that that’s exactly his point: external display with a USB-C connector could pull double duty with the continuum feature of Windows Mobile devices.

And since you like to name things correctly: Continuum is a feature of Windows Mobile, and was never available on Windows Phone. (Windows Phone 8.1 was succeeded by Windows 10 Mobile. Because Microsoft is consistent like that…)


Not from what I’ve heard. People say that Lumia devices recognize only the official dock. At least I haven’t seen anyone using an HDMI adapter and USB hub for continuum, even though it would be a dozen times cheaper than that official thing.

@Helios mate, I’m afraid you’re wrong here :slight_smile: Windows Mobile is an OS based on WinCE, and it was discontinued in 2009 (or was it 2010?) Windows Phone is what replaced the old one, and it’s based on Windows NT. The family includes Windows Phone 7, 7.5, 7.8, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile. It’s just a branding change, but it still belongs to the same family, and calling it Windows Mobile would be incorrect because 5/6 of the major versions didn’t have the word “Mobile” in them and because Windows Mobile is already reserved for the old <2009 family.

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…and it’s what they’re branding it as now. I’m sorry, but this time you’re wrong.

Also, the Lumia devices work with other docks and USB-C devices, such as the new Apple/LG 4K display.

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What they’re branding it as - yes. But it still belongs to the Windows Phone OS family. Just take a look at Wikipedia… if you search for Windows Mobile, WM6.5 comes up. If you look at Windows Phone version history, W10M is on the list. And this is consistent through pretty much all Windows Phone-related articles there. I really couldn’t care less how they decided to rebrand things, I continue to call them the real names.

I will check if my “Continuum” dock will work with the V as soon as I get one (my own or prototype).
I hope the V will work with the dock. This way I will already have my docking station.

This might be true for a wired solution.
With my Lumia 950 I can connect with pretty much every Miracast-Display device (I own a Microsoft Display Adapter) and Continuum works fine.

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I would definitely be in for such a project!

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You don’t get to decide what Microsoft products are called, Microsoft gets to decide what Microsoft products are called. By your logic, the V is called ‘the Eve’ no matter what Eve wants, because it’s a common mistake people make.

[details=Wikipedia snippet]In accordance with Microsoft’s branding strategy, this operating system will be branded primarily as an edition of Windows 10, rather than “Windows Phone 10”. Microsoft had begun to phase out specific references to the Windows Phone brand in its advertising in mid-2014, but critics have still considered the operating system to be an iteration and continuation of Windows Phone due to its lineage and similar overall functionality. Microsoft referred to the OS as “Windows 10 for phones and small tablets” during its unveiling, leaked screenshots from a Technical Preview build identified the operating system as “Windows 10 Mobile” and the technical preview was officially called the “Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones”. Internally, the Microsoft Edge user agent on Windows 10 Mobile still contains a reference to “Windows Phone 10”.

On May 13, 2015, Microsoft officially confirmed the platform would be known as Windows 10 Mobile.[/details]

I’m not going into discussion about the matter further, because it would hijack the thread and I know how you like to bite into these things. Back to the topic at hand: External monitor!

While I’m probably going to be good with the V’s built-in monitor, I am generally a multi-monitor user. Having that ability on the go is a nice thought, and the thought of using it with Continuum makes it even better!

I think you are failing to understand the difference between an OS and an OS version :wink: I was referring to the whole OS, not the one version :wink: That includes all the versions from WP7 to W10M. And the family is called Windows Phone, until you show me a document that states otherwise.

I like the idea, but I am not sure about having a battery in it.

The battery would add weight (and cost). The typical environment would be one where I use the power supply anyway. My favorite would be a thin, lightweight touchscreen with the same resolution as the EVE V itself.

Actually, a battery might be good idea, if…
we also get a built-in WiDi module. Use your Eve USB Display with the Eve V without cables!

Windows 10 Mobile is not version 10 of Windows Mobile but it is the mobile version of Windows 10. As such, it belongs neither to the Windows Mobile nor to the Windows Phone family but it belongs to the Windows 10 family.

Just have a look at Introducing Windows 10 Editions | Windows Experience Blog

On Topic:
A great option would be to connect two Vs and enable a display only mode on the second, so the display would be driven by the first V. This way you could create a mobile multi monitor setup when needed with the individual power for daily work.

To me, a problem would be the small size of the displays. As great as it would be as a mobile solution, occupational health and safety would decline it, as it wouldn’t fit the recommendations for display sizes, heights and angles.

So I will have to stick with a LG 34UC98-w (LG 21:9 Curved UltraWide™ QHD IPS Monitor 34UC98) as the next item on my wish list…

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Not really… They gave it the same name, but in fact it’s a totally different OS unrelated to the desktop one… Again, it’s just branding and doesn’t change the real facts.

Speaking of your proposal… I don’t think anyone would want to buy a second V just to use it as a screen…

Why not - in a business use case, money is secondary.
In the other case, a multi monitor setup is typically not really needed but only nice to have.

As with most things, if you really want or need something, you shift priorities until it’s affordable.

Business is all about earning money and not splashing out :wink: so there is really no reason to waste money. If you just need an LCD, there is really no point in buying a whole computer.

I love the idea and I would buy the final product, on the following conditions:

  1. it has a decent resolution (ideally, it should come in two resolutions: full HD and the resolution of the V)
  2. it’s not over USB but, rather over HDMI or anyway something that goes through the graphics card and NOT DisplayLink
  3. it’s not overly expensive. I could spend 250-300, but not more.

The second requirement is very important. I own a DisplayLink monitor… and it’s just not good enough.

From engineering point of view I believe it shouldn’t be too difficult: the same (or very similar) encasing of the V can be used, as well as the display. The battery provider is already there (if you feel bold, the device could also be made to double as a powerbank), the speakers also are, the power supply can be the same as the V also…
… basically, it’s more about taking stuff out of the V, with Eve that can maybe capitalise on the know-how and supply chain and contacts they already made.

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