Idea for a new accessory : external storage

Wouldn’t it be possible for Eve to develop an external storage solution (1TB/512GB ssd) to use with the V for example ?
By external storage I mean an external SSD like the Samsung T3.

In this case, maybe Eve could re-use the same SSDs that are in the V and desing a nice enclosure like this one or like the one OWC designed for their product Envoy Pro Ex ( ).

Personally I would use this to store virtual machines and keep internal storage free.

What do you think ?



I think it’d be hard to bring better performance or price-to-performance ratio than Samsung in this field, as Samsung fabricates their own NAND, RAM and controller chips…

Though I understand perhaps the desire for an external drive that matches visually with your V, it feels a bit like re-inventing the wheel. What’s missing for you in the T3 that you think Eve could do better?


@Helios it is indeed to have something that matches a little bit more the design of the V but also to have something smaller than the T3 if possible.

I don’t see that as re-inventing the wheel just adapting it a little bit :wink:

That would be great - if it was on par with the pricing of the T3 it’d be fine with me.
The T3 is a great drive (I just preferred the look of the T1 over it), so if there was something matching the V more closely in regards of looks it’d be an immediate buy for me. As long as it has USB-C of course (and ideally supports 3.1 gen2).

How would external storage be any better than off the shelf Thunderbolt 3 connected storage or something equally fast. If there was a wireless thunderbolt connector that allowed a local cloud for the EVE V, now we are talking (a wireless gigabit Ethernet connection which would most probably have very little distance capability, say 10 feet, now that would be amazing as an offline storage device. I suspect the pair of transmitters would use an existing networking protocol or bluetooth, I am not sure what wireless networking would provide speed to satisfy the high speed port.

Wired would be much easier, of course, a 10GB wired connection to a RAID drive would be easily accommodated, that is however much less “star wars” than wireless

There are plenty of external HDDs for sale, I really don’t think there’s place for yet another manufacturer…

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External HDDs, I agree. The SSD side however I find rather slim.
And I’m not talking about the 128GB/256GB segment.

In my opinion adding an external SSD would allow Eve to buy more SSDs which could then go either into the V or into the SSD housing (for external use). I see a scaling effect which could reduce the purchase price for Eve overall.


The SSDs used in the V are much smaller (and much more expensive) than the ones used in external storage solutions. So there wouldn’t be any scaling effect.

But if you really want a small device, you could just buy an external USB3 / M.2 case and add a M.2 SSD drive with the capacity (and price) you desire.

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I own a T3 and think that it really small enough. The thing is, because it is connected by a cable, it will always feel like a normal external SSD even if its smaller than a coin. I think the only step smaller would be more like an USB-C Stick.

Or even smaller a micro SD card to fit in the slot - though that may be somewhat susceptible to damage or loss by comparison - never mind the relatively higher cost!

We don’t know for a fact that this stays as initially stated.
What we know is that there is a surprise coming in regards of SSD for the V (PCIe and such) which could have influenced the form factor that will be used. I know that this is an assumption right now, but I guess we will only find out via updates from Konstantinos or once the final product is shipped.

The internals are VERY tight in V and they spent so much time trying to put as much battery as they could… I don’t think they would strike that out by just putting in a big SSD. They might have got rid of 2240 because it’s hard to find good SSDs in that form factor, but I don’t see them going past 228or even 2260, because the current offering is good enough and they wouldn’t sacrifice the battery life. However, they could have chosen a “better” SSD in the same form factor, I think that’s more probable.

I was not saying it is very likely, just stating that based on the announced update we do not know it as a fact.

But regardless of the form factor: you can achieve scaling effects also based on the overall purchase volume (not just for each product itself), thus it might still be worth a thought.

Pauliunas, I think you missed the point, and external SSD that would appear as a drive, it would have to be fast to serve as just external near line storage and small so it could be left on one of the ports should someone want to carry it around everywhere. And efficient so it doesn’t kill performance. Maybe a 1TB Thunderbolt connected drive (small USB form factor, so it sticks out 1/4 - 3/8"). THat would be interesting, I don’t think anyone is doing that.

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Eve will not produce their own SSD, forget that :wink: The best you can get is a 2260 M.2 form factor, and when you add an enclosure and USB conversion board, it would be something like 1x3x8cm or bigger. That can’t be left sticking out, it’s too big…

I think there are a lot of things I would buy from eve but no external storage cause since I work a lot with designs and media I already own quite a lot of external storage devices. Like 2 NAS servers and serval external discs for traveling. For short trips and stuff I mainly use microSD cards. So I can understand if there are people that might need it but for my part I would say no.