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Hi, I’m an Architect student looking for a tablet that I can design on and been following Eve V for awhile now. Before deciding on which tablet to get I was wondering if the tablet could handle running these specific programs with ease.




Thanks for the feed back, excited for December 4th!

since not many people have a V right now, we’d just look and compare the SW specs to the V specsheet. People are getting their units VERY soon - with such a large community, someone may need to run the same programs, or may even run a test with the above if you ask nicely!

ps. for rhino3d, the V has an intel615 for it’s graphics…they listed Win vista as a requirement…and the hw demands from that time were less, so based on your specs, i think any v would be ideal, but the i7 packs the most punch for cpu and ram.


The V should be able to run Adobe software and Rhino okay. Obviously a more powerful laptop would do a better job.

I’ve got a ton of experience with Autodesk products, and Revit can get very demanding very fast. On my Surface Pro 4, a small building is enough to make it lag and jumpy (with the occasional crash), and the V should perform a bit worse than that. If you’re an architecture student I suspect you’ll be working with complex models, which the V will not work well with at all (nor will a Surface Pro).

I’d suggest either a Surface Book (the older ones are a lot cheaper now, but the new ones are better obviously) or another 2in1 with an i7 U processor and a dedicated graphics card.


Agree with everything @Jamil_Stafford said. Revit can get quite heavy. The rest of the programs will be fine, but will depend a lot on the model or design you’re working on. And architectural design can get VERY complex, I think not even comparable to graphic design, web design and others: Photoshop files with lots of layers, Illustrator files with lots of objects, large InDesign compositions with damn crazy hatch-packed PDFs, etc. We architects love making hardware suffer :smirk:

Any laptop with integrated graphics will be limited at some points. I’m using a 2015 Dell XPS 13 with an i5U processor and it suffers a bit when using most Adobe programs with complex drawings. I’m fine with it most of the time but sometimes I look at my desktop-equipped colleagues in envy.

So as much as I love these types of devices, I’m not sure any 2in1 is well suited for heavy architecture work, unless you really want to invest in a Surface Book or something like that. I mean, instead of buying an expensive i7U you could get a cheaper m3/i5 and still have enough for a desktop PC that will beat them all by far, so you can do all your really heavy work at home. Maybe a feasible option is getting a V i5/i7 and saving up for an eGPU you can add later to the package.

But if you just want one device or you plan to do a lot of heavy work on the go (which is the usual in architecture: you work at school, in other offices, in other people’s parties, in the train, during your honeymoon, etc) be prepared to spend a lot of money or just skip the 2in1 format and go for something with more power for the price (top processor, dGPU, regular laptop format, and closer to 2+kg… but still portable). You can add a Wacom tablet to compensate the lack of touch screen, and the workflow will be even better.


Thanks for the insight I’m glad I’m not the only Architect / Designer in this community. What is your take on the surface book 2?

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Yea I might consider getting the Eve V for my side daily driver but I currently own a gaming laptop Inspiron 15 7000 with an i7 U, 16 Ram, 512 gb ssd. The Eve V caught my eye because I wanted to look for something casual but could also work with the programs that I need to design with, photoshop, illustrator and sketchup. But the problem is the longevity of the Eve for the work that us Architects do is very demanding. Not only do our tools suffer but we do too lol am I right?


Full adobe creative suit: can run border line of “usable” of everything running on the i7-Y

Autodesk: cad software will be fine… the only exception is inventor, no add_ons such as the physics engine (simulation)

Rhino: sup par

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Didn't want to take up much room

If you read my bio you’ll learn I’m not exactly an architect. :wink: I learned Revit when I was a kid, and got good enough that I started doing blueprints for some different contractors in the area. It’s a fun and incredibly useful piece of software!

I haven’t had a chance to play around with the SB2, but the SB1 was fantastic, and I believe the 2 is better still. I wish it had the capacity to sport an HQ processor, but that’s probably asking a bit much; the U isn’t quite as beefy as I wish it was either.

For an architect, I think the perfect combo is a V (notes and drawings mainly), a full size laptop with an HQ (for on the go work) (also, if the HQ laptop used an eGPU instead of integrated graphics, it’s battery life and overall performance would be much better, plus eGPU could be used with V too), and a high powered workstation desktop, with a couple Xeons and Quadros. Sadly, the cost of such an assortment would be through the roof.

The SB2 + desktop with i7 and GTX graphics would be really solid though, and far more affordable.

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Autodesk has plenty if software that will easily make the V crap it’s pants, and Revit is definitely one of them. Things like 3DS Max, Maya, Inventor, Revit, etc. aren’t at all designed to work on laptops, and with complex models, even a top of the line gaming rig can start to crap out. Autodesk makes serious software for serious people.

Like I said before, a small building (4-5 rooms) with nothing fancy is enough to make my i7 SP4 crash.

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Well a safe option using "sketch up make":joy:


That’s still a lot of money, and studying architecture is expensive by itself.

I’d say he won’t need an i7 in a PC. A desktop i5 will already be far more powerful than any laptop CPU. We use only i5s with mid range GPUs in the office and have no complaints so far. I’d even say he won’t need a desktop at all if he already has a gaming laptop. That should be enough for his studies.

[quote=“PUNISHER-RG, post:6, topic:11412”]
Not only do our tools suffer but we do too lol am I right?[/quote]

Yeah, we tend to acquire a lot of self-destructive habits :sweat_smile:

I’d say your gaming laptop will be your best tool for power demanding tasks. If you have the money, even a cheaper m3/i5 V might be useful for note taking, sketching and occasionally editing design files during your classes. I don’t think an i7 V will be enough for you to leave the gaming rig completely aside, so it’s probably not worth the extra cost.

And well, if you have more money, a SB might be the one single device that can give you the 2in1 factor with enough power to use it regularly instead of the gaming laptop. That really depends on your budget.

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I was talking more for professional usage, I can sympathise with being a poor college student. For a student, a refurbished SB1 would probably be a better choice.

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I don’t know if this really fits in here, but I thought I’ll mention it anyways :wink:

I think roughly a year ago I stumbled over the Vaio Z Canvas as I was looking for a device to use as an artist for heavier Adobe Suit use and 3D modelling as well as some video editing. I know it’s a little dared, but might be still an option for some searching for a really powerful 2 in 1 option with a decent port selection and a removable keyboard! It’s a device many folks never heard of, so I just wanted to throw it into the discussion.

Basically it rocks a desktop i7 processor in a tablet form factor. I didn’t buy it though, since it was too expensive for me back than, but I looked up some reviews, which weren’t that bad. It’s kind of bulky though, but I guess that’s the trade off for power most of the time :wink:

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Ok So that was my plan, buy a AIO from HP then buy a 2 in one from eve that can atleast handle maybe photo shop, presentations, and minuimal tast on revit and auto cad. Not rendering or anything loke that. Would u suggest I get the Eve cause I would travel with it and such as well. I really wanted a 2 in one for travel purposes and still beable to do what I need to do which might be fairly lighter. My HP envy had i7 an nvidia graphics card and did well. How do the tablets compare to that? What are your thoughts?

Ok now that I’ve read more of the comments Im seeing thos might not work im trying to cling to it :sweat_smile:, you guys can let me know @Jamil_Stafford

Me too! I really though I was the only one in that field who was interested in the eve

Yea I’ve decided I’m going to get the i5 Surface book 2, it’s a cheaper price than the Eve V I was going to get and I don’t plan an doing intensive renderings on it since I have the gaming laptop for that.

The CPU i5 U on the book will be powerful enough for the tasks that i need it to do and as a bonus I can get a pen with my student discount it should cost less than the Eve V that I was going to get. The only problem I have though is the memory that it has is a lot less. But I think it’ll be enough as I already have many USB SSDs, and External Hard drives that can help out.

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Looks like a great tablet, too bad it’s been discountinued.

Yea i wish we could have like a friend interface or make groups within this community based on related disciplines. I think that would help this community developer a lot better based on needs. Welcome btw!

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So what is your reason for getting the V? And what configuration are you getting for your specific use?

(Ps: I still plan on contributing to this community. I think it’s a great chance to create a different company that’s not so corporate and delivers on the needs of the comsumer.)



Woa! Great minds think alike!!! I’m thinking of getting the i7 Surface after reading this forum. I already graduated like 2 years ago I wonder if I can get a pen discount :joy:. I really wish they just sold it all together :sweat_smile:. Im going to get a AIO from HP for serious renderings because I had an hp envy i7 with Nvidia graphics card and let me tell you it help me alot during college. But the hinges suck and are falling apart and over the years its getting rough. I really wanted a good 2 in one that I can travel with for work and presentation that could still work Auto Cad and Revit. And I almost bought the Surface but I saw someone say this beat the surface so I missed out on the sweet Black Friday deals. :cry:. Im going to do some more research because I want more space and I thought the surface had little to no ports

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