I7 on drop.com: should I upgrade from the M3 I just bought?

I’ve only had my M3 for a couple of weeks and other than the wake from sleep issue that I understand is software related, I’m pretty happy with it. Since I didn’t know what to expect and this was my first PC purchase (longtime Mac user), I went for the cheapest model. Now that I’m realizing this is a pretty great machine, I’m starting to regret not getting a more powerful version.
Most of the time I’m using email, Chrome, and word processing apps. However, it would be nice to do Photoshop work and even some Premiere editing. I haven’t tried any multimedia apps on the M3 yet, but judging from its slightly sluggish performance in general, I worry it would not be up to the task.
Of course the i7 will be a faster machine, and at the price of $1099 it seems like a great deal, but I’m really unsure of whether it makes sense to throw another $500 to upgrade (plus whatever the loss after selling the M3) before the drop ends…


I haven’t done much Photoshop work with my i7 but I’ve been using Premiere CS5 quite a bit lately. It works and I intend to keep using it for small projects on the fly but I’ll be using something else for anything of significance. As expected, renders and exports are not fast but they complete successfully and aren’t so slow that you can’t deal with it.

I’m only editing in 1080 and Premiere struggles with playback of the the timeline once I add several clips…without any effects or even after a render of any added effects. Also, if I have a clip open in Movies and TVfor viewing it can use so much of the system resources (depending on file size) that Premiere suffers heavily. Every action is slowed down.

All of that aside, it may be my setup. I am using CS5 which is way outdated. I don’t have these issues with CS5 on my 2012 MBP…also an i7 with 16GB and an SSD. I would reccomend doing some more research to see if anyone is having the same issues with newer Adobe software. I’m hoping to try out CS6 to see if there’s any improvement.


I wouldn’t recommend upgrading for the performance. The Y-series chips performances are very similiar, so similiar even, that notebookcheck actually had an m3 that was outperforming an i7. If you want it for the RAM or storage it might be worth considering, but otherwise you won’t really get much.

Your usecase also doesn’t seem to be very demanding. I’m assuming you’re not talking about really serious projects in photoshop or premiere. For smaller things the V should be able to handle it, for bigger things the V, in any configuration, just isn’t a good option.


I’m running CC 2019 and haven’t had much chance to give the M3 a run for its money yet, but yeah, I assume that with the M3 and only 8GB running those apps will be slow.

Interesting indeed to hear about an m3 outperforming an i7! The extra RAM would be nice, but it’s reassuring to hear that for my usage, an upgrade might not make so much of a difference.
I’ve decided to stick with the m3 for now, but would still be interested to hearing more thoughts about real-world differences between the configs.

In those Low-Performance Models the differences between the M3 (7y30), i5 (7y54) and i7 (7y75) are more or less on the paper.
The biggest problem in the V is the cooling - none of those CPUs can bring it’s full performance for a long time. So even in benchmarks you will notice differences, but while gaming / long time editing stuff and so on, the M3 can even be better since it produces less heat so he can keep higher clock rates.

The main advantages of the i7 model is more RAM and more SSD storage. They really improve some working scenarios. But if your M3 is completely lost in something you want to do, this i7 wont be your life saver… unfortunately :confused:

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Thank you, @cmmd_mx, that is really helpful information. It can be hard for us laypeople to understand how all of the parts add up in the end user experience. I’m glad to know that the i7 would probably not have made a huge difference for my workflow, and it’s interesting that slower CPUs can perform better than faster ones in certain circumstances!

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always glad to help, if there are further questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile: