I7 Model with Xcode

Seeing as how the surface pro 4 is the closest, in terms of spec, to the V, does anyone have any experience running mac os (and particularly coding in xcode) in a virtual machine on their SP4? My macbook air is dying and it will really be nice if the V could replace it as my ios development machine.

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Hi @Kibbles!

As far as I know XCode unfortunately only does run on MacOS machines - so I can’t officially help you there.

However, @henning said he wanted to try to make the V a hackintosh, so let’s see how that will be going :slight_smile:

As virtual machine I think it should be surely possible to run macOS but if the performance is useable, I don’t know.

And yes stay tuned for macOS on the V :slight_smile:

Not legally. The Mac OS licence strictly forbids people from installing it on anything other than Mac hardware.

oh that’s a worry… I don’t want to have to buy a mac just for developing…

Well you might not care but some of us who use devices for commercial needs care very much.

I guess as we all are some kind of technology “geeks” here, someone will figure out how to tweak the kext files of OS X to run with the eve. I dont know if there are any device yet using the HD615 on OSX (hackintoshed) but most probably we will find a way. Diffiuclt part like always will be WiFi - Audio and such things.