I5 vs i7 help me decide

So tomorrow is the big day, I have an i5 ordered but the guys at Eve have allowed us to upgrade to i7 should we wish.

Is the i7 worth the extra 400 euro?

  • extra battery drain (unfounded?)
  • only really needed for video editing or gaming and I don’t believe gfx card is there for that

Please help me decide :slight_smile:

It’s not a gaming device, it’s not a video editing device. Even with the i7. If you think the 16GB of RAM or 512GB of storage are worth the extra 400 bucks, the i7 upgrade is a nice bonus. If not… Save your money!

I forgot about the extra ram and storage, 400 is a lot extra though, think I’ll stay with the i5


Yeah, it’s not gonna help at all for video editing or gaming. The extra RAM might help, but it’s better to invest in eGPU instead :wink:

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think you should stay with the i5. :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread was 3 months old until you necro’ed it :neutral_face:


lol, I didn’t see the date till I posted it.

good example for threads which should be closed :slightly_smiling_face:


As you say :wink: Since I agree with you I’ll be closing this thread :slight_smile: