I2C problem - touchscreen failure

Ok so this is a quite a recent problem but i keep getting this I2C failed to start (code 10) and then my touchscreen does not work. Does anyone have a fix for this?

Screenshot 2022-03-25 162723

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Hi @Joel_Brasher-Jones,

I’m sorry you are experiencing this issue. Have you tried re-installing the drivers for the touch panel? You can find it under Support > Downloads > V 2017 > Firmware > Touch Panel.

See if this helps.

No it does not install

Is there a work around

fail 1

This is the device manager
i2c 1

would love a reply @Cas

Hi there,

One thing that might help is to uninstall the current device, then run the touch panel driver installation. However, it seems like the device simply refuses to be detected somehow.

If it still doesn’t work, I recommend contacting support.

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@Cas eh that doesnt work, and support not give any support on this product. I just need the original driver that the machineb came with. Even a windows re-install does not fix this

Hi there,

Let me try to see if we can get another driver package other than the one we have on the download page.

There are two different installers for touch screen that you can download. Have you tried either one?

Yes both of them and i just get the screen shot of red FAILED that I put up before

@Cas i would really appreciate it. The same thing happened with the fingerprint but i am not to bothered about that

Hi there,

Sure thing. It will be quite a stretch since this is quite an old device by now, but I’ll see if we can get anything.

@Cas any update on this? Windows have said the Bios is way out of date, but I have the 0.41 Beta but still they say it is to old. Can I upgrade this?


Hi there,

Unfortunately I don’t have anything yet as of now…

Hi @Cas any update? Otherwise any other suggestions

Hi there,

There is no update on this…

Unfortunately I don’t have any other suggestions until I can get more information on whether we can get an updated firmware/drivers for this model.

@Cas really? I don’t need an update, I just need the original driver.

Hi there,

I’m sorry, I thought you asked for an update.

I have reached out to the team for this, and here is what I have gathered.

The base “drivers” are the ones already available on the website. I was asking if we can have a different driver package for this model, or anything at all (updated or not), but apparently, there are none. The packages available are more like “firmware updates” for the touchscreen, and the driver is provided by Windows directly as part of the system.

@Joel_Brasher-Jones I have an original V, and as @Cas says, the driver for I2C HID Device is just a Windows driver provided by Microsoft (hidi2c.sys, version 10.0.22000.653). My guess is that there’s a hardware error with your touch screen.

I have the same issue as you with the fingerprint driver (“the device cannot start”) and I’m pretty sure that’s a hardware error, as nothing had changed when it stopped working.