I want to be sure before finalizing my purchase (Spectrum QHD 240Hz)

I received the email to finalize my order of the Spectrum QHD 240Hz. I’m very excited… I think I’ve been waiting this moment for 2 years. But before paying, I want to be 100% sure of 2 things:

Context: Today I’m using a MSI Optix-MAG274QRF-QD (2K at 165hz) and their “1 CABLE” it allows me to use 120hz < 165hz on MacOs…gorgeous but with 15 watts power.
With the Spectrum QHD 240Hz, I want to play game on my PC connected to DP, and especially work on my Macbook Pro 14 connected with the “1 CABLE”, and I want/need to adjust the screen to more than 60hz for video editing.

Problem: I’ve seen reviews on the Spectrum 4K 144hz where peoples using a Macbook with the “1 CABLE” had a framerate limit at 60hz

Question 1: can you confirm me that I can use more than 60hz, like 120hz or more hz, with the “1 CABLE” on my Macbook Pro, on MacOS? Its very important. I can understand that it doesn’t work with the 4K resolution, that’s why I pre-ordered the 2K.

Question 2: Can I remove the STAND from my order ? I have resently purchased a vesa compatible arm and I don’t need it.

Thanks a lot

Hi @THS,

Glad to see that you’re interested in the ES07D02.

I’ll be quite frank with you, it really depends on your Macbook Pro Specs. If you could let me know what MBP you are using, then I will be able to let you know. In regards, to using 1 cable, there’s been some reports of users not being to achieve 120hz/144hz with TB3/TB4/USB-C. However, almost everyone has been achieving it via USB-C to DP cable. This seems to be a firmware issue and we are looking to resolve this in one of the upcoming firmware updates. (Just a bit of info you should be aware of but yeah, I would definitely try using the TB3/TB4 cable first).

If you can DM me your order number, I should be able to get the support team to remove the stand from your order.

The 4K@144Hz does work with Macs, but it’ll depend on which Mac you have and what macOS version you’re running, as from what I’ve seen online, Apple has apparently limited some versions to only 60Hz.

I’m personally running a MacBook Pro 14” with Spectrum at 4K@144Hz, just had to set the bandwidth priority to refresh rate within the OSD. I’m using it through a TB3 cable so I can run the display at 4K@144Hz, run the USB hub, and charge simultaneously with a single cable. I also have my PC connected through DP and USB B, allowing me to switch the display and USB devices between the two computers.

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I have a Macbook Pro 14 - Apple M1 Pro. Today on my MSI Optix-MAG274QRF-QD, 60hz or 120hz or 165hz is working with their 1 Cable solution connected on USB-C Thunderbolt 3. It was working great too with my Macboo Pro 15 Intel.
So…I don’t want to buy a new screen with less possibility. I don’t want to use my Mac with USB-C to DP because DP port is for my PC, and like today, I never disconnect anythink and it’s very usefull to switch between them easly.

Ok so Javild is confirming me it is OK and it’s exactly what I need to hear. Prefect…

So MarvyMarvz go DM to delete the stand before finalise my order !!! I’m very excited !!!