I received my Eve V yesterday

Hi, I just received my Eve m3 yesterday and am still in the process of trying to set everything up. This is my first ever Windows computer after 30+ years of Mac, so there is a lot to get used to! Anyway, I love this machine so far. The design and build quality are top notch!


Nice to hear some positive news here :slight_smile:


Even though I replied, I misread the title of this topic a couple of times thinking Eve had a new CEO :stuck_out_tongue: For clarification; you bought the V, a product made by Eve. Don’t worry you’re not the only one making that mistake :stuck_out_tongue:


Apologies for the confusing post title. I’ve edited it.
And my sympathies for those who haven’t received theirs. My impression is that the company made some big mistakes early on and decided the only way to stay in business was to keep selling new machines. Hopefully people like me who are buying them now will help the company be able to eventually fulfill all back orders.


Pictures or it didn’t happen xD

Here you go!


How is the typing experience and display quality, and speakers according to you. If you are a software developer(I don’t know assuming if you are) will you consider it for back end development work.

I’m not a developer, I’m an artist and writer. The display quality seems excellent to me. The keyboard is quite good for what it is–leaps and bounds better than the terrible keyboard on my MacBook Pro–but I’m a mechanical keyboard enthusiast so I plan on using my own keyboards primarily.

Just saw the post but this is probably too late to reply. Since I use Linux as my daily basis to do programming, I say that the tablet is very good with the configuration of 16GB model. It is certainly able to do back end development as I do front end development in my spare time.

As for the display, I am loving it. Having copied the settings from Windows over, the display is still fantastic.


Off-topic for this thread but may I ask which distro you are using and what kind of hacks you applied to make the overall experience smoother (looking at things like adjusting Xorg Conf ot ensure the touchscreen still works after pen use).

So I’m using Arch Linux which means that it semi works (depending if you want to go pure). As far as I know, if you are using Linux Mint or Ubuntu, it will work out of the box such that you do not need to apply much fix. Back to answering your question:

  1. touchegg (for touchscreen configuration as there are many issues that had to be manually edited)
  2. libinput-gestures (this fixes issues with your touchpad not being able to do 3 fingers / 4 fingers swipe)
  3. I applied a tlp power management for better battery life performance and as far as I have seen it, it works much better and gives me about 7 hours of battery with topping at 8 hours from time to time depending on what you use it for
  4. There is one that I am waiting for the sleeping fix issues (after the new BIOS update for the sleep issue is released)
  5. I go for wps-office instead of libre-office just because it’s much lightweight
  6. Install stacer, to monitor what you have running at startup as well as performance of your laptop
  7. I forgot to mention, if you are going to shutdown / restart in Linux, one of the thing I found is you want to turn off the confirmation box that comes when you click on the powering buttons. When I turned it off, Linux seems to function well with not restarting (when you press shutdown or hibernate)