I just sent a flurry of e-mails through Indiegogo: a confession

Whew, that was a rough few minutes. I thought I would be able to cancel my own orders. That is not (woooo, markdown) the case with Indiegogo. So, coming down to the wire, staring down the barrel of a gun, I looked at the book sitting to my right, that told me not to, but I panic’ed anyway.

I’ve been using a Surface Pro 4 for the past week. I made sure it was spec’ed out the same as the i5 offering, so I could figure out what kind of performance I needed, as I preordered both the i5 & i7 (thinking I could cancel myself). I really like the form factor, I really like the keyboard, I really like the screen… I am not overly enamored of Windows 10.

“AHHHHH!” I screamed, “10 minutes left! I don’t want this!” I sent my first message through Indiegogo, asking how to cancel.

5 minutes left: I sent my second message, asking them to cancel my 3 orders (i5, i7, Pro upgrade). 4 minutes… 3 minutes… 2 minutes… 1 minute… would they get it in time?

10 seconds… aaaaaaand… the Indiegogo campaign didn’t end on time.

Relief washed over me, at 3am, sitting poking around on this SP4. Clicking around Internet pages, I come back to the campaign, feverishly checking to see if it’s ended, if they’ve canceled my order.

“It’s just so… sexy.”
“But Windows 10”
“But look at it”
“Maybe Apple will finally make a 2-in—”
“You know they won’t”
“But look at this one. The m3, it’s only $700.”
“But it’s m3…”
“What is it you think we do on these computers anymore that that’s not enough?”
“There’s even that discussion about upgrading the RAM.”

So, it’s 5:30am now. That’s my story. About how I flipped out for a brief hour, and now sit here wondering if they’re gonna cancel my order in time, or if they’ll respond or what will happen… if they’ll let me order an m3 after the campaign ends.

Or, if anyone from Eve Tech is listening, my i5 + i7 preorders are probably right about the price of a fully paid m3 16GB. Hmmmmmm?

Allright,goodnight, dough.community: you straight gangsters, you.

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"Hello, I'm... Sexy."

“It’s so very, very nice to meet you.”

@djr man, you can’t imagine how many hassles we had with IGG :frowning:
We had some many crashes and bugs from that side. Quite frustrating. We thought that if we use existing platform we could avoid all of that confusion but no:)

Anyways. Tell me what would you like to do and we will figure things out for you.
And the biggest tip of all don’t write to Indiegogo guys write to Eve :slight_smile:

So @djr let me know what you would like us to do. Cancel or change your order? We are happy to do both :slight_smile:


@Konstantinos, I can only imagine. Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve been trying to decide which one I want all day.

So, I’ve got a preorder for i7, i5, and Pro Upgrade. I’m definitely down for at least the m3. Is it too much for me to cancel the i5 and the Pro Upgrade, and keep the $429 committed for the i7, even if I don’t WANT the i7. Would I be able to have a couple days to decide which version I want (before you guys buy the parts), and then pay the rest of whichever version I choose (plus RAM upgrades, if you allow it), whenever you guys need that due?

EDIT: that way we can leave Indiegogo out of it. (I just wanted an edit badge).

If not, I’ll just make a decision now.

Check you mail @djr:slight_smile:

Hi @djr, would u mind sharing why you decide to go with the m3? I pre-ordered the m3, also on the last day, but my mind is whispering to me perhaps i should ask the Eve team to upgrade to the i5. :imp:

Edit: The reasons i have for wanting to upgrade to the i5 is mainly to have 256Gb ROM, and to have a bit of extra oomph for the occasional (simple and basic) photo or video editing. I dont do anything much more really. :roll_eyes: