I just refunded my surface pro. Pen jitter (video)

(I re-edited the article little bit. Now it has more info)
SP2017 x2
Pen 2017 x2
Give the same problem (software independent)
It will be fine if you use the old pen.

My video:

I am not satisfied with such big pen jitter with the price I paid it, so I refunded it.
And I found that surface book 2 still have the problem

I hope it will not happen to EVE.
I will still accept the pen jitter if eVe has it. Because the price I pay is a way lower than surface pro.

Little conclusion after I tried to find the solution for few mouth:
SP2017+Old pen=working fine (small acceptable pen jitter for taking note)
SP2017+New pen(2017)=problem.


Really annoying !
Did you try writing on other screens? --Just to keep the “It is your hand what does it” away :hugs:


Yes. I did (same device, surface pro, I had two surface pro and two new pens). It happens when you use the new pen. The old pen has also pen jitter, but it is acceptable to me. But the new pen. OMG. THAT PEN JITTER. They actually sell to artists with that price. Unbelievable.

I will still accept the pen jitter if eVe has it. Because the price I pay is a way lower than surface pro.


Now you’ve got me wondering about Apple Pencil as well.
I wonder how smooth that is for its exorbitant pricing?

I’d be interested to see a comparison video of the old & new Surface pens, and the Apple pencil.


I have an Apple Pencil. The tracking itself is fantastic. IAF (Initial Activation Force) is essentially zero. The moment the pen touches the glass, it starts tracking. No jitter, no lag, Id rate it #1 in term of tracking. However it lacks a proper palm rejection, eraser, different pen tips, and the battery life only lasts for a day even (when its not used). I honestly dont think its worth twice as much as a Surface Pen.

Ironically the Apple Pencil feels more like a pen, while the Surface Pen feels more like a pencil when compared to each other.


Sounds about right. That’s the impression I had when the Apple Pencil came out - right after Microsoft announced a new Pen.

hm, does this depend on the application you use? Cause I did not experience it at all… I am painting with ArtRage… and I shortly also used the now by Microsoft discarded Windows Journal on the SP4 and did not experience it, how slowly ever I trace… I get straight lines…

Usually not, its typically a symptom of a bad pen or a bad digitizer.Sometimes it can be software dependent too.

You should have tried a lazy mouse software maybe? It could have fixed the jitter issue but add some lag to your lines

I passed by Msft store today and tried the pen…the bottom was a bit of felt or something? But since it was a demo model, it would have been used a lot - which doesn’t line up with yours since it was new. I wonder if it’s new material which isn’t registering correctly. From the old iKirin pen writing videos, all seemed fine, so :smiley:

It doesn’t happen to sp4 I guess. I had sp2017.

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WoW! I did not know that! Thank you!

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From what I have understood, the jitter is caused by the underlying protocol “N-Trig” and happens to all devices with N-Trig protocol, which Eve V also uses

It is software independent(as the first video shows). I had sp2017. I tried sp2017+old pen, then the problem is gone.

Two surface pro 2017 and Two new pens give the same problem and software independent as the first video shows.

Thx. I didn’t know there was a software to help the problem.

In my case, It is fine in the most region on the screen. Just a specific region has the problem.

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I tried with sp2017+old pen. It is working fine. I believe the old pen is N-Trig too. The problem shows up when I use sp2017+new pen.