I e-mailed dbrand about a skin for the V, this was their response

“We’re still on the fence about supporting the Eve V. We haven’t received enough requests to begin prototyping and production immediately, but we’ve received enough to still have it on the table as an option. Keep an eye on our Twitter in the coming weeks for updates.”

I personally love dbrand’s products and think it would be an absolute miracle if they release a skin for the V. Their skins fit perfectly and look incredible, and could add a lot of flavor to all the V’s this community is buying.

If you agree and would like to see dbrand skins then please send them some tweets or emails and let’s see if we can make it happen!

EDIT: Just came back and saw some of your replies, thanks to those of you who are reaching out to dbrand.
For those of you who asked, here’s a link to where you can request a skin: https://dbrand.com/contact
Just make sure you select the correct category.


I’d love a dbrand skin. Or Slickwraps. Or something more excotic like Bambooti

well then, maybe all the freshly minted V owners need to reach out to them and show there is a lot of support/demand for the product!


That’s me :grinning:
…In a month or two, at least. I just emailed dbrand after reading this topic.


I’d never heard of DBrand before being part of the Community, and I’ve still never seen one of there products in person or heard of them elsewhere.

Are they really that well known outside of the US?

I love the idea of what DBrand makes (I’ve never owned their products before though) and for all my prospective laptops I’ve checked what it would look like in a DBrand skin, however, I’ll only know if I will want their product for the V after I have had the V in my hands.

The reason being, is that DBrand is good at helping you differentiate your device from the millions of identical ones out there, but the V is plenty unique already. For example, I would have definitely gone with a black leather look if I had purchased a Dell XPS 13 instead.

The V however, is a tablet, so it is more prone to scratching and even dropping (though vinyl won’t help with that), so I may change my mind for the sake of protection.


Great initiative! This is one of the benefits of having a community around a product: it’s much easier to organize and convince dbrand to create a skin for the V.


Tweeted a request. Fingers crossed!


Same here lets flood them with requests :wink:

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may the @Team could start a survey like in other questions… then we would see how many really want this. I would vote for a d-brand chance or at least a case like you put around a smartphone :smiley:

With the launch happening I hadn’t even seen this topic when I wrote the following in another topic:


Done… I think the link should be on top in this thread too helios… so everyone can request them easily, and flood them up with the request :slight_smile:

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whats the email?
It should be in the title too

Making an already bad-ass looking device even more bad-ass looking? I’m in!

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I live in The Netherlands, and, to my knowledge, I’m the only person in my social circle that has wraps. Either from DBrand, Slickwraps or another brand. My Alcatara wrap from Slickwraps for the iPhone X is on it’s way to me. https://www.slickwraps.com/alcantara-series-wrap-for-iphone-x.html

DBrand does sponsor almost every tech youtuber I follow though. So you get to know them.

Their twitter account is hilarious as well


Yep, same as @TristanSchaaf here, dbrand seems to be mentioned on a lot of the tech YouTube channels I watch

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Just to clarify something: Do these stick to the actual device, or are they still able to be removed like a case? I thought wraps were (more or less) permanent once applied.

Also, I’m not a fan of the iPhone alcantara case, but to each his own.

It’s not a case. To put it simply, it’s a sticker. It very thin (0,23 mm I believe) which means you can still put a case or bumper over it. When you remove it, it doesn’t leave any glue residue or rip your device apart. If done carefully you can even reapply it.

And that’s great thing of the wraps, you can each get the exact same device, with a different look and feel. I also got the retro Apple look, but thought the alcantara would be more relevant since it’s the same material as the V keyboard (I think). If you rather have something else, you can get that! Or just plain matte black, that is available everywhere.

I have experience with both brands (slickwraps and dbrand). I don’t notice any significant difference in quality. Slickwraps are a bit thicker and more sturdy. Also they have a little bit more texture in their wraps. I have a dbrand mahogony wrap on my macbook for about 3 years. It’s still going strong! Can make pictures if anybody is interested. It doesn’t feel like wood though.

Wraps are generally used for two reasons: Customization with adding weight or size (like a case would). Change/improve the grippyness of the device. I find the iPhone X very slippery for example, a skin would fix that.
On top of that, it protects the device from minor scratches (like being transported in a bag, or sliding over a table).

Nowadays, there are a lot more companies that make wraps from a variety of materials. Bambooti, what I previously mentioned, even cuts thin slices of stone to make a wrap.


By applying the dbrand skin on V, does it affect the coolidng effect on V even though the V is passive cooling fanless as I think it may insulate the heat transfer out of panel that attached with dbrand skin…?:thinking:


It might slightly affect cooling but it should not be to a noticeable degree - aka. you can measure 1-2° more degrees in the sustained CPU temperature but that should not affect your performance in any noticeable way :slight_smile: