I discovered something about HDR content and a fix is needed

So I have some films in 4K HDR and I always used softwares like MPC-HC and VLC to watch this type of content, even on my old monitor (not HDR, but 4K), and the colors looked really bad and all greyish.
When I tried watching some films on the Spectrum nothing changed and I thought there was some problems with file format or Windows 11 settings.
Today I used PowerDVD20 to watch some HDR content…bruh it was like night and day, HDR works well with that software, but it worked just one time and then it always go black and white.
I tried VLC then and the screen goes black and white and I have to turn it off and then back on to fix it.
MPC-HC simply does not reproduce HDR content apparently.
Is something known or has it happened to someone? I tried Youtube HDR and it works, weird…

EDIT: I found a video player that actually works, Potplayer lets me see HDR content and the screen doesn’t go black and white, it worked everytime and with different films


Hi, @Alessio_Berto

The HDR going black and white is supposed to be fixed across a myriad of devices with firmware 105. Please see Spectrum | Firmware 105 Early Access - Development / Project: Spectrum | Development - Eve Community for more information and download link.

This should solve the issue across the other video players as well. Give it a shot and see if that helps.


It seems fixed now, thanks

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Excellent news! Thank you for testing this and verifying the fix is working, @Alessio_Berto