I arrived at the right time

So I’ve had my eye on this for a while. And after reading that the store will be opening up ‘really’ soon I’m 100% on board and excited about this. Considering I travel from San Bernardino County to Santa Monica every day for work. This will make my commute that much better.

I will probably go broke buying one. But whatever, haha. Hey it’s the holidays! And I’d like an early christmas gift for myself X) That said it’s a pleasure to meet everyone. And I will catch yo all later. Peace!


Hey Boss and welcome! Great timing as you say, but do look out for future product ideas (eg the dock) to get involved in


My laptop died about two months ago, luckily I got my desktop running. I miss my mobile device. Also I n plan to go back to school soon. So I want a v. I feel the same way

What? Everyone can order an Eve V soon? I thought these production updates was devices for earlier crowdfunding. I’m looking to get rid of my desktop PC and if I can order one within 3 months I prefer the Eve V. Would there be any problems you think of that I live in Norway? This started in Europe right? (Sorry this has probably been asked many times :slight_smile:

Yes! The webshop will open within a month (afaik) and you will be able to order your V to norway of course :wink: In the next few days/weeks people who “crowdfunded” will get their device :wink: so you will be able to see a lot of reviews!


omg… Merry christmas everyone!

It is however unlikely that you would get an Eve V bought from the webshop before Christmas :wink:

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