HP Spectre, the world's thinnest laptop, is so much more than just looks

Hey guys!

I have just read a review of new HP spectre and got to say I was impressed. What in your opinion can we learn from it for the PF? What’s your take on it? Would you buy it? Why? Why not?

I personally would if it wasn’t HP :slight_smile:

I’d buy it… if I didn’t know the price… and didn’t know about the Pyramid Flipper :wink:

While I think the Spectre offers something really interesting in the department of slimness, design and weight, I’m not sure if I’m willing to pay a huge premium for just that.

Also, I’m not sure about the very flat keyboard and 1400€ price-tag is just far too high for me to even consider a notebook.

Port-wise I love that they have USB-C charging (I wish EVERY new laptop was required to! :smiley: ), but I miss at least an USB-A port to quickly plug in a USB-Stick or a mouse.

Backlighting on the keyboard is nice, but the fact that the F5 key is always backlit would annoy the hell out of me.

Other than that it seems pretty decent.

OK, one final gripe: Can we please stop having “i7” mobile CPUs that aren’t quad cores? I know it’s a Intel thing but I’d wish that every i7 mobile core had 4 REAL cores rather than only the “HQ” models.


Yeah a almost bought it but then realized it was dual core and had a 1080p screen for 1299us. But it is a big step for laptops I think.

I don’t mind the 1080p screen - that is more than enough in a device with even 15" in my eyes. What I want more are contrast ratio and sunlight readablity!


For a laptop without a dGPU, I’d pay up to 600€. Or maybe 700€, if it has i7 CPU and is super durable. Come on, it’s a laptop, I won’t hold it in my hands for 5 hours straight! It will be sitting on a table most of the time, or in a bag. So I’m happy with a 3cm thick 2kg laptop. This also means less overheating because of more powerful cooling.
@iKirin to make 4 cores work with 15W TDP, you would need to run them at half the frequency of current ULV processors. And I think 2GHz dual core is much better than 1GHz quad core :slight_smile: I understand that i7 is misleading, but they have to keep it consistant somehow… i5 should be quad core too, if we look at desktops. i3 is dual core with HT, i5 quad without HT, i7 quad with HT.

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I saw that product when they anounced it, i loved the design of it, i think EVE could learn from the design. The thing they miss is a detachable screen. And i deffinitely like the speaker grill, maybe the PF could have someting like that or just triangular cutouts, though the speakers will probably be on the side so i don’t know what that will look like.

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I mean that device screams premium all the way. Excellent design I’d say although maybe for some it’s too flashy (colour choice) so maybe we could have two colours, one ‘normal’ and one ‘flashy’.

this was a surprise from HP , they have turned around quality and design wise .

but they still do some stupid things (I guess old habits die hard) ,they locked the USB-C so it only accept HP chargers , this effectively kill the point of using a standard charger .

they also didn’t support GPU switching so you can’t use an external GPU despite the fact it have a two thunderbolt 3 ports , why ? because HP don’t sell a GPU dock . (that is true in the Spectre and the Elite x2 1012)


Are you kidding? That is completely crap and destroys the USB-C charging standard.

Alsov the TB3 seems like a pure “look at our spec sheet - the we got the good stuff”-move

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Thanks for the info. That is clearly a move of “how to shoot ourselves in the foot” :dizzy_face:

Well, the design is too screaming for me. I prefer Microsoft Surface or something similar…

because of there weird decision you can’t use a car charger or a portable power bank ,they are saying it’s because they want to protect the device from bad chargers


Come on - there aren’t that many USB-C chargers around in general. I could bet that there are more bad cables than bad chargers for USB-C :wink:

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Agree on charger lockout bs. I think Dell put this crap on some of their laptops in the past to protect consumers from not overspending on chargers from other makers. For the power bank though I don’t think you would be able to use regardless as Core i models usually come with 7.2-7.4V battery inside which means that you will need at least 10V to charge it. The power banks are usually 5V, unless you specifically buy a laptop one that supplies 12V or 19V.

As for the HP Spectre, somehow it doesn’t excite me as much after seeing it in person. While it is very thin (z axis) it feels that all than heft was squeezed to the sides giving it a bigger footprint in x & y axis. Ports on the back of the laptop are the throwback to laptops of the 1980s. Having owned several HPs in the past it just makes me wonder how durable those finishes will be after say 6 months daily use and bag duty. So far only 3 laptops in my long stable looked decent after several months of heavy use: MBAir 13, SP3, Asus Zenbook 305 and Lenovo Ideapad 430. And after being done with the looks of the thing, HP Spectre is unfortunately nothing to write home out. It is same specs or lesser than others in the class and a tiny battery to boot. I think DELL XPS 13 with 1080P non-touch is a close match on specs and is a much better laptop.


Like the Macbook12 it should charge slowly via a power bank , and at the time I learned about this issue it was about the core m Spectre x2 and Elite x2 1012

Another lost oppurtinity is car chargers , one wire dock , even HDMI adapter with power pass-through don’t work with HP devices (a lot of them have one usb c port)

they just don’t get it , I feel like this decision came from the blind top management

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A core m doesn’t have to charge slowly from the power bank as it is similar to regular Android and iOS tablets in voltage requirement. And a good power bank will charge a tablet pretty fast :wink: But I totally agree on all your points about HP and how they treat their customers is not acceptable!

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