HP Spectre and Spectre x360

I know this is a bad time to compare devices but HP constantly impresses me with their latest devices.


That does look like one of the best options that’s come out in awhile. It’s the first device I’ve seen recently that I would seriously consider buying if I wasn’t getting a V. The price is surprisingly decent too.

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The only problem with HP they I know of is that they have poor quality control. But their warranty is pretty great. My brother has had his x360 replaced twice because the laptop is slightly uneven it the track pad is wobbly. But yeah they got hot products right now.

Looks pretty, but I really don’t like the gaps that exist in “tablet mode” in the spectre 360

Spectre 13 looks like a decent xps 13 killer though!


Yeah I agree it isn’t a great tablet but it could be pretty useful flat or angled on a table.