HP Pro 2 in 1 launch

the HP “surface killer” - refreshed Pro x2 612 a two-in-one Windows 10 PC built around security and productivity announced today

See HP announces a slick Pro x2 enterprise-ready 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablet PC | Windows Central

Screen OK - Kaby lake processors & and the SSD can be removed…

(Personal opinion)

There’s just a small issue with that - 1700$ starting price for the Pentium version with keyboard and 4GB RAM + 128GB SSD.

Honestly, the pentium version should be horrific since it has no boost-clock and stays at 1.5 Ghz all the time.

I’m not sure how it’s a Surface Killer with the current price to be honest…


8GB RAM? That’s funny. I do not even need to think about it.

  • less RAM (8GB instead of 16GB)
  • less ports (one USB less, no Thunderbolt)
  • smaller battery (41Wh instead of 48Wh)
  • lower resolution
  • lower brightness (I conclude this from missing brightness advertising)

At least in one area it’s higher specced: The price is higher :wink:

Ok, to be fair there are some things that the V lacks but the HP brings to the table (but that I do not desperately need):

  • 3G
  • NFC
  • ambient light sensor

To sum it up: No, thanks.

As it’s just launched seems HP still to update their website

$ 979 for the M3 4gb/128 ssd cf better spec V at $699

the previousV1 pentium shows up at that ridiculous price

I can confirm it’s barely usable :smile: I have a tablet with i3-2365M, which is 1.4GHz with no boost. At least it has hyper threading… But still, just using Skype makes the CPU usage go up to 50%, and if I’m using Firefox with Skype and Discord open in background, I can only work with 2-3 tabs open and only in “high performance” power preset. I mean, I literally get mouse lag from just 2 Firefox tabs reloading simultaneously while having Skype and Discord open in background. That’s just mental. I really can’t imagine paying more than $400 for that (I mean it did cost $800-ish when it was released, but software wasn’t as demanding back then, and all ULV processors were in general very weak so it was to be expected form an ultraportable device)

Heh, well for most people, except professionals in certain fields, 8GB is still way more than they need. :slight_smile:

be interesting so see the range of options on memory and SSD and then pricing

Hey it comes with a Wacom stylus. For the biggest advantage I see so far is the MIL-STD 810G drop and multi protections. I think this would be a pretty nice selling point for on site and on the road uses.Not to mention the ability to swap out the m2 SSD, it might come in handy too.

WHAT?! $3146 for a paltry i7y, 8gb, and 512 gb hard drive?!


What a bunch of jokes the 2 in 1 market has been lately. Products either lack features, have terrible processor or are highly overpriced.

The market has become confusing and I think that’s exactly what they are trying to do. -_-


This feels like a perfect example of greed or some insider dealing (conspiracy theory lovers :+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) that needed the drop/shock certification. Otherwise it is exactly the same old device from the last year with internals brought up to current gen. And being the same good old, I can attest from testing it, it was rather pathetic attempt to dethrone SP4. The device is thick and heavy, with lackluster screen and huge bezels. It felt like brick, both build quality and weight wise. Even when they were liquidating the old stock at heavily discounted prices retailers like MicroCenter had a hard time getting rid of them. Curious to see how this one does. Hopefully they at least improved the real battery life on them.

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