HP launches ZBook x2 detachable tablet with 4K display, pen support, NVIDIA graphics

I found a competitor for the V the HP Zbook X2 detachable tablet with 4K display, also pen support, and NVIDIA graphics.
If you want check this device : HP launches ZBook x2 detachable tablet with 4K display, pen support, NVIDIA graphics - Liliputing


Interestingly, the keyboard supports bluetooth just like our V, so you can detach the screen and continue using the keyboard

I’m sure Eve will be receiving the royalty cheque in the post.

I notice it also has TWO Thunderbolt ports, and can power two 4K displays at 4K.
Coupled with the Creative Cloud specific buttons and WACOM digitiser it seems like a superior machine for digital artists…
How much does it weigh, how thick is it, how annoyingly loud are the fans?
It does look significantly heftier than the Surface Book. I find the industrial aesthetic quite pleasing though. Like the Surface Book, it looks like the computer of the future as imagined in the 80s. Funny.

One thing, though.
The CPUs listed under the highlighted models all are all 7th Gen (IE, dual core).
Although later on it says it can be customised with quad core variants.

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Here’s the spec sheet:


The quad core versions are in the pipeline…

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I think it´s not going to be as price-competitive as V is…

That’s surely more of a competitor with the surface book 2 rather than the V. It has dedicated graphics and is very heavy - it’s over 2kg with the keyboard.

Thanks for that. It was 404ing before.

Edit: And now that i’m back on a desktop computer… it’s 404ing again. Argh!

Same, it take me to an HP “Oops” page… (another royalty cheque to eve?! :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Definitely an interesting device, but man is it a niche product. First of all, it looks massive and chunky compared to any other 2 in 1 tablet (although at least HP was smart enough to put a crap load of ports on the device if it was going to be that thick). Also, starting at over 1700 USD??? And the customizable buttons are only useful for those who use Adobe products on a regular basis (although it would appear HP is giving away a free year of CC). These things don’t make it a terrible product, just super niche.

I’m also getting an error when trying to see the spec sheet that @mirv posted, although the link to “Quick Specs” from HP’s site is down too. Here is a working link I found to the full datasheet PDF:

I would be more excited about this…if HP didn’t suck at cooling every device but their Elitebook lines. Should you buy this, you will have to undervolt out of box and use another fan. Quadro M620 doesn’t compare to GTX 1050 and 1060 tbh. This should have had a 1080p option. 4K for this size is unnecessary.

Guys, this is a workstation weighing in at 5 pounds. Not aimed at the same market. Portability of the Z tablet workstation is debatable. If you want to compare apples and apples, the HP Spectre X2, with a 5600U processor, 512 GB disk and 8 GB memory is about a grand. It weighs in a little less than the Microsoft tablet, but only has USBC ports (2 of them) and no thunderbolt. A quad core beast with active cooling is not an apples to apples comparison.


The price and specs on this should not be compared to any other tablet ever. This device has Quadro Graphics (aka professional graphics with drivers that make them orders of magnitude more expensive than gtx without much performance difference). It isn’t designed for regular consumers, only for people in professional digital design industries like the ones making Pixar movies and components for SpaceX.

Given that, I’m surprised they’re offering a model as cheap as $1700 when most units they sell will probably be priced over $3000 given their target market.

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People design

in Adobe CC?

No, in a Quadro graphics card. The only reason those graphics exist is that they include drivers and optimizations for high-end 3D modeling applications. You know, the kind of design packages that cost $12,000 a year to license if your not using it for business. That’s really the only reason those cards exist, or did you think the Quadro K6000 cost $4000 because people just like overpaying for something literally less than half the speed of a GTX 1080?

Adobe CC is attached so that Adobe can increase their brand recognition for the service. That’s the only reason third party software companies ever include their software with PCs. Nobody is going to buy this device because it has Adobe CC, but people might use Adobe CC because of this device.


Thank you for the clarification. I agree.

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One USB port = nope. Even though they added my beloved HDMI.

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interesting… very nice product I think

Eve is not the first to include BT on the keyboard.

Regarding the HP, overall it’s meh to me. The GPU is a Quadro M620, which is a cut down GTX 950M (source: NVIDIA Quadro M620 GPU - Benchmarks and Specs - NotebookCheck.net Tech).

Meanwhile, the Acer Switch 7 Black Edition packs the vastly more powerful graphics, the MX150 (laptop version of GT 1030), in a package that’s 500gr lighter. Its fanless too.

Intresting specs - Awful look. They usually can do it better if one looks to the spectre x360 series (not compatible but good design)
Always a matter of taste, but hey.

Nice idea, although we had it first.

That is one of the ugliest devices I’ve ever seen.


Different purposes between Quadro cards and GeForce. The drivers are certified and optimised for things like CAD.

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