HP Elite x2 Review - yet another flawed device

Just read Laptop Mag review of HP Elite X2, to find more of the same old.
This is basically HP’s mid-cycle update of the Spectre X2 geared for business users.
Here is what they changed:

  1. Removed the annoying lock on kickstand (kudos on that!)
  2. Replaced high resolution screen with a dim 1080P (likely to extend pathetic battery life, now it has a crappy screen + pathetic battery life)
  3. Added fingerprint option, on the back of the device (sounds really convenient…not)
  4. Added the feature of 5-6 sec keyboard/touchpad lag on wake (some sarcasm here :joy:)
  5. It is still bulkier and heavier than SP4 despite using core M design without fans

Battery life test:
Elite X2 - 6:45
SP4 -6:05

Some of you will read this and will think - “Wow, almost 7 hours, it will be plenty for me”…
This is till you learn how Laptop Mag test all battery life - “Laptop Mag Battery Test, which invovles continuous Web surfing over Wi-Fi at 100 nits of brightness, - See more at: Laptops with best battery life in 2022 | Laptop Mag
Which means basically dimming the screen to the point where it is hard to see anything and then browsing various simple web pages. In real life we watch videos, with screens at 300+ nits, all while have 20+ open tabs in multiple browsers and running a bunch of background applications.


But they are easy to repair


Trabants are easy to repair too :slight_smile:
Doesn’t make them good cars thought

Well said. Thank you for your insightful review