How's V's trackpad?

Heya guys! :slight_smile:

Title pretty much sums it up.

  1. Is there a device with the same trackpad that I can read about?
  2. Can it compete with the MacBook’s trackpad? or any other top notch trackpads.

Also, the wait is killing me :cry:

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Eve V - Cheaper And Better Than The Surface Pro? - YouTube Watch from the 2:55 Mark. It’s a glass trackpad, with Windows Precision Drivers, so I’d say the Surface Pro’s trackpad is the best comparison to the trackpad of the V.

And no. MacBook trackpads are way too good IMO. But the V’s trackpad should be at least on par with the best Windows machine trackpads.


Yeah I have already seen that one, was hoping for more info, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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If you want to check out some detailed review of the trackpad, you could just search for “Prototype Testing” in this forum, you might find what you are looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a chance to test the trackpad at a meeting and I would say it’s really nice. Large and feels good to touch.

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I like the sound of that