How's the V2 Q3 delivery date looking & any impact from the Global Semiconductor shortage?

Hi @Team I have been seeing more and more delays in our own orders for components from regular suppliers my company has used for years due to the global semi-conductor shortage.

Many of the delayed components are showing a tentative lead time of 26 weeks at this stage.

How is this impacting the development and mass-production timetable for the V2 and do you think there may be a need to change any components/configuration specs to keep the delivery schedule?


I’ve been wondering the same thing. The lack of eve V updates hasn’t helped my suspicions that this may ship later than expected

Wouldn’t be a good look for Eve given they took a reputation hit on the first V.

Lessening the specs would also lead to order cancellations, including mine.

We have waited long enough. Get it done.

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Hey, guys! With the great help from Nick (@Techmo), we recently shared our exciting hands-on impression of the first new V EVT prototype. As Project: V has entered the early prototyping stage that often involves long-period post-assembly testing and countless rebuilds to arrange the components appropriately, it’s a time with much fewer interesting progress and behind-the-scenes to share with our community compared with the concept stage we exited.

At the moment, our best shipping estimation remains the same; as always, we’ll continue to keep our customers in the loop as we build upon great ideas they contributed for the new V!