Howdy from Texas!

Hey everyone!
I have recently graduated from college (BS in Chemical Engineering!) andIi fell in love with eve!
I’ve seen all the youtube reviews that are available, plus I’ve read all the specs and I am very impressed with this product! The timing of my discovery of eve couldn’t have been any better, right after my xps died on me a few weeks ago. Now, I’m waiting for a sale to happen so I can get me one of these!



Welcome to the Community and congratulations on your degree (chem engineering is intense)! You can sign up to be notified when the webstore will open at Or read the updates here as it happens!

Howdy! Tell us more about how you plan to use your V, always interesting to hear about use cases

I signed up the first day i discovered V and i check the updates about once every two days or so!

The V will be mostly for personal use which includes some gaming, light to moderate programming, investing, and your everyday use like checking emails. I might even use it for work if I get my home office set up.

Cool, I’m sure the v will be great, though I do wonder about the need for a portable form factor and pen support, the typical reasons for wanting a 2 in 1

Welcome !!!

Question, V as you know is in a process to test the new Sharp Screen this week, and once all testing qualifies, it will go for mass production. However, my question is for you to explore how the bonding of screen is done to the housing, (this is to know) and then the real question is to let us know this…

In the case of any issues (God Forbid) for the general user (like me), how do I unbound it and fix the issue (say for e.g. display cable dislocated) and close (bind) it back?

PS: Chem Engineer trivial question :sunglasses:

During warranty Eve will take care of cases like this. Doing it yourself might void warranty, this it is not recommended.

You could of course do it yourself with he right tools. There is a teardown thread that might hold further information on what you’re looking for:

Also there is a video uploaded by Konstanz where one of the engineers takes off the screen (didn’t find the post as I’m on mobile, but you should be able to search for it).

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congrats on your chem E degree.

where did you do your undergrad?

I know I’m a bit late, but welcome to the Community!

What part of Texas are you in? I ask because I’m in the DFW area, and just ran across @Guransh_Nanda’s intro that stated they were from the DFW area as well.