How would I connect speakers to my ps5 with this monitor?

How I would get audio with my ps5 while using this monitor? Thank you.


This monitor doesn’t have built in speakers so you could get audio output from either connecting headphones/speakers through the 3.5mm jack on the back of the spectrum or by connecting Bluetooth compatible headphones/headset to the PS5


I’ll go ahead and explain my current audio setup, as it’s unlikely to change after adding my Spectrum, just so others have an idea on how to setup their audio as well. I have both my PS4 and my desktop able to output good quality audio at the same time with this method

I’m currently using an acer monitor that has an HDMI in, and a headphone/3.5mm out. My desktop motherboard has a rear/speaker out and a mic/line input. My desktop speakers are plugged into the speaker out port on the motherboard, and my PS4 is plugged into the HDMI of the monitor. Now I take a standard 3.5mm cable and run it from the headphone port of the monitor into the mic/line port of my motherboard.
In my audio driver settings, I make sure that the port is set to Line in. Now I open the sound control panel (right click speakers in taskbar, then click sounds), go to the recording tab, click on Line in, and then click properties. Click on the listen tab, enable “listen to device”, and make sure it’s level is loud enough.

Now I can hear my PS4 through my PC speakers just fine without having to swap cables or anything.

If OP is only going to use the monitor for just the PS5, then just plug whatever speakers you want directly into the monitor, and it should sound just fine

EDIT I should have mentioned that this method only works on windows, and that audio drivers may vary, but most are likely to have the same/similar options.

  1. Use the 3.5mm stereo jack on the display
  2. Use HDMI audio extractor with PS5
  3. Use a USB-DAC or USB-DDC with PS5

Method 1 is not recommended due to poor sound quality.
Method 2 is also not recommended because there are currently no HDMI audio extractor that support HDMI 2.1.
Method 3 is the least problematic and is recommended.


Surprisingly, this method has good quality on Spectrum based on our real-world testing with the prototype (literally enjoying PS5 using Sennheiser HD 650 via the 3.5 mm jack on Spectrum), as Spectrum packs a decent built-in amplifier and DAC for the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Do you think other reasons may worsen the sound quality through the 3.5 mm jack given this information?


Generally speaking, the sound quality of DACs and AMPs built into PCs and displays is not good due to low cost, low specifications, and the influence of ambient noise.
Do you know the model number of the IC chip of the DAC and AMP used in the Spectrum? It is hard to say without checking the specifications.


The DAC model number for Spectrum is NAU8401. I’ll look into the AMP model number of Spectrum and get back to you later.

Would you like to tell me which specs are relevant for evaluating the performance of DAC and AMP? I would love to learn how to know whether a DAC or AMP is of good quality by looking up its specs.


This was the simplest method I came across - literally plug it into your PS5 and then your speakers into it and voila!

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I would not go that route using the above method, if your using hdmi 2.1 on the eve, it already has a build in DAC/Amp IC 3.5mm out, use that. If your using usb, the ps5 will send both in game audio and chat audio through at the same time.

If you want higher quality and both audio streams are not a problem look up the schitt Hel 2