How will Eve distribute firmware and driver updates?

Just learned about Eve today (from MSPowerUser) and I’m both impressed and excited to see the V on Nov 21! Wish I would have learned about this months ago to be part of the specs team! However, as a long-time Surface owner and an IT Administrator who manages over 100 computers and 20 Surface Books for our organization, I’m curious: How does Eve plan to distribute your inevitable firmware and driver updates?

Pushing out new drivers to hundreds of machines can be a PITA, so I was thrilled when Microsoft started deploying Surface firmware and drivers through Windows Update. I can’t tell you how many hours/days that’s saved us! Clearly that’s not an option for Eve, but will you at least have a small agent application that can check for, download and install updates (either automatically or manually; preferably with command-line options) – something like Lenovo’s excellent System Update tool?

Please tell me we don’t have to download each individual firmware/driver update from a website and then install each one manually! Pleeaassee!!!


Many driver updates come directly from the chip manufacturer. In our case the wifi for instance is Intel and I would assume to get driver updates for that and graphics through Windows update. Firmware update for bios I’m assuming we will have to download from Eve.
As for Intel Precision Touch and Pen, I’m not certain. Someone from Eve may be of help there. My answer is just from experience.


Well, nowadays pretty much all devices receive a full set of perfectly working drivers through Windows Update. Just keep in mind that Windows acts very weird about it and you often have to reboot, wait a couple of hours and then repeat that five times until it finally manages to install all the needed drivers. Anyway, usually the most important ones are installed after a simple “wait 30 mins and reboot”, so when you finish installing some essential apps and reboot, it will be ready to use. The rest will be sorted out through a couple of days of regular use.

When I receive the prototype, I will keep in mind that I should test this out. I will install a fresh copy of Windows and see how fast/easy it gets all the drivers in the automatic way. Even if there are problems, I’m sure a community this big can help each other :slight_smile: I could write a script that downloads all the drivers from separate websites and installs them one by one. Most drivers have “silent install” mode that doesn’t require user interaction, so it would all happen in the background. But I’m pretty confident we won’t need that. Because usually you only need just a couple of drivers to be installed manually. You don’t even need that because there are default drivers that work just as well, but with a little bit less functionality.