How to use Touchpad

I’ve always had buttons on my laptop Touchpad (i.e that work like the left and right Mouse buttons.

Does the V have this functionality? :confounded:

Just press left bottom corner for left mouse button and right bottom one for right mouse button. Or you can program them in Windows however you like.


Thanks, I thought I tried that, but maybe not precise enough, I’ll give it another shot

So, I find the touchpad works pretty well and as expected when attached to the V. However, when using the keyboard/touchpad via Bluetooth, I find the tap to click doesn’t work if I make my primary button the “right” button. In other words, the tap to click via trackpad seems to behave different (and badly) when not connected on Bluetooth. Further, I find that it wants to continually select text when I don’t want it to and I cannot figure out a reliable set of settings to get it to not do that. For instance, just clicking into a text turns on auto selection of text. I don’t have this problem when they keyboard is connected.

that did it alright, thanks @Lukas_Fikr

You are welcome. Glad it helped.

Touch pad on Eve works almost the same on Mac. I’m happy with it

Really? Which mac is that specifically? Others have criticised the V saying it’s nowhere near the macbooks

The core concept is the same as what was used in MacBooks from 2006-2014: glass surface, single physical button underneath at the bottom, hinge at the top. It’s why pressing down doesn’t work near the top of the touchpad: that’s where it’s affixed to the housing (or in this case, the keyboard body).

MacBooks by default will just have one mouse button: a click anywhere on the surface will register as what Windows users consider the left click. Tapping or clicking with two fingers at once activates ‘secondary click’ or right click. This behavior is also the default for Windows Precision Touchpads, and as such the default behavior for the V.

Now, for people used to having a second mouse button at the bottom right, macOS offers the option of activating a zone in the bottom right corner of the trackpad (approximately where a physical right button would be). Tapping or clicking there then functions as the right click. It’s an option in macOS, but the default setting for Windows.

All in all, the behavior of our touchpad is very similar to Apple’s trackpads. The MacBooks have a larger trackpad surface, which gives more room for gestures, and makes it so that a smaller percentage of the overall area is impacted by being-unclickable-due-to-the-hinge. That’s a limitation of our trackpad’s size more than the tech or feature set.

MacBooks from 2015 onward use Force Touch trackpads, which do not have the hinge and physical button and can seemingly be depressed anywhere across its surface. It doesn’t actually move, but a haptic feedback system gives the user the impression that it still clicks.

So now that the best Windows devices are finally starting to catch up to Apple’s 2006 trackpad technology, Apple’s already another step ahead… …but for a Windows device, our trackpad is pretty damned nice.


That’s so strange…my V arrived with the default being two differentiated buttons (left and right), definitely not one mouse button. Good to know I can change this though.

That’s the next part:

So the default secondary click options on macOS are: two-finger click, [Ctrl] + click
The default right-click options on Windows are: two-finger tap/click, bottom right corner tap/click

To change the touchpad behavior on Windows 10, click Start > Settings > Devices > Touchpad
Most options can be turned on or off (I just turned off ‘Press the lower right corner of the touchpad to right-click’ to make it behave more like my MacBooks).

Now, if anyone can tell me where I can find a similar options panel for the touchscreen… I’d love to be able to three-finger-swipe the screen to alt-tab…