How to use CalMAN Client?

How do I use the CalMAN Client 3 that is included with the V and starts at every boot? I assumed it is there to keep the colors on my screen calibrated. However, when I opened the app it shows to profiles - one is called “Standard” and the other “Bypass - Uncalibrated”. There is a noticeable difference in colors when I switch between the profiles.

The “Bypass - Uncalibrated” was selected and since this is the first time I opened the app I assume this is the default. Now that is a surprise, because I assumed each display is calibrated at the factory and the CalMAN app is there to ensure the user benefits from that calibration. The name of the profile, however, would indicate that by default it is not so.

So, my questions are:

  • Which of the profiles is better (calibrated / result of factory screen calibration)?
  • How to use this app - what is it good for otherwise?


It should be quite obvious beteeen UNcalibrated and standard, which is calibrated :wink:

You should select the Standard which is the calibrated profile :slight_smile:

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It may be obvious, what is not obvious is why then the calibrated profile is not the default??

Or one is standard (uncalibrated) and the other one is bypass the uncalibrated :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some clarification form the Team would be welcome. @iKirin @riku ?

Bypass is uncalibrated, standard is calibrated


Then why was “Bypass” the default? I didn’t know I use my display uncalibrated until I opened this app out of curiosity. I guess many other V users are also unaware.

Mine was Standard on default, so might be just that someone forgot to select it at the factory :stuck_out_tongue:


Can admins be a bit more specific about how is our monitor calibrated? Rec709, gamma 2.2, 65D? What I find a bit irritating is the complete lack of of ICC profiles for this screen. I am sure this monitor can do a lot more then a mere rec709. I found a cool software like calman is used only at a mere 2% of its potential…

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Not an admin, but I found that by searching for “screen calibration” with the search tool :wink: hope it helps!