How to tell which drivers/firmware need updating?

I’m new to Windows, so I need some help understanding how to check the versions of the firmware and drivers on my Eve to see which need updating to the latest version. I just received my Eve last week, so perhaps it’s safe to assume that mine has the latest versions of everything that is more than a month or two old, but I could be totally wrong about this.
I want to make sure everything is up to date, but don’t want to waste time or take any risks by installing unnecessary drivers/firmware. Advice appreciated!

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If you are not familiar with the drivers in a windows setting, Intel has an All in one software package which does updates based on your machine. It may even be preinstalled I can’t recall. But go to Intel driver website and it’ll prompt you what to do. This should cover most of your drivers if you want to update them.

Thanks–so that would presumably cover software updates, but what about firmware updates? How do I check the my BIOS, fingerprent scanner, thunderbolt, etc. firmware versions?

IIRC most components on the V are Intel except SSD and fingerprint ? Others can chime in. Bios update is coming but Eve 's website has drivers also you can compare version numbers to.

Is there a reason you want to update? Something not working?

Well the power/sleep button is glitchy and the pen doesn’t register clicks or taps reliably, and more generally I’d just like to make sure that everything is up to date. But I don’t know how to check what versions of firmware my V has.

Go here

Start with that it’ll show you old and new versions and help you update stuff. Then assess after.