How to spend the time waiting for a V

Hey everyone,

Since I just recently joined the party of people waiting for a V I was wondering if you veterans out there have any advice or methods for a newbie on how to make the time pass quickly and happily. Because right now I’m not sure whether or not I’ll be able to survive. But with proper guidance I might have a chance…

Well to go back to being a bit more serious… I’m truly interested if we could come up with some ideas of what to do in the meantime. I would love to here your thoughts or just talk about the V or whatever.

Happy waiting and good luck recieveing!


My advice is to get cats. When Eve started i had 0 cats now I have 2 :smiley: They listen very carefully when I tell them about challenges we sometimes encounter!


The eve tech support seems to be on point! Love it!

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What about reading all 4027 posts?
Keeps one busy :sob: well: :joy:


That’s what I’ve actually been doing recently… I feel the urge to look into the forum every couple of hours…

I guess that’s normal though … Maybe it’s not the eve V, but the eve syndrome


Maybe we could make an Eve V Mini Game available only to all the folks who purchased but are still waiting for their future bride.

I could imagine it to be a simple 2d side scroller in which you try to maneuver your V through all the various obstacles to your home. This could keep us busy for a while I imagine… :wink:


I would imagine a Zelda style “legend of the V” could be pretty awesome!


Cats are the best, we have 3 and I wouldn’t make it without them! I can also suggest horses, we have 5 of those and they take care of any spare time you might have so you don’t ever get to sit down and ruminate. :wink:


That sounds awesome too! We could try to squeeze some company background story in there as well and the game should be made by community decisions of course :smiley:

I dare community to develop that game ! :smile:

@thedole as for horses they are awesome I agree! If I had one could have come to 4px to get our Vs dispatched faster :slight_smile:


Do you mean dare? Or have you found a particular love interest in the community?


Great, don’t forget to put some chinese monsters or/and dragons in it.
Oh, sorry, nearly forgot an important item: obligatory a cat in the background.


Ahhahahahah yep, Dare!


Do some research for the accessories. Here are ones that I would deem useful for most V users:

  1. Bluetooth mouse (not just wireless, but Bluetooth). I personally recommend either Logitech MX Master or Logitech MX Anywhere 2
  2. HDMI adapter. If you plan to use only up to 1080 display, you can get practically any USB-C to HDMI adapter. If you plan to use up to 4K resolution, get an active adapter like the official Eve adapter or this adapter from Club3D Club 3D
  3. Consider buying some sleeves or bags. I think the V should fit in bags or sleeves made for the 11" MacBook Air or 12" MacBook, Im not sure. Surface Pro 3/4/5 and iPad Pro are a bit smaller than the V, so sleeves made for those devices might not suit.
  4. If you need more storage, consider buying a microSD card. Especially useful if you ordered the $799 base model
  5. Get some Alcantara cleaner like this one

Next step, start with some preparation for the cloud future:

  1. If you have an existing laptop, prepare some data that you want to migrate, and the data that you dont want to migrate. Usually switching devices is a good chance to sort your data, and delete all the unnecessary ones.
  2. If you have another device that you want to use simultaneously with the V (e.g. gaming PC), start figuring out how to sync the files between them. OneDrive comes built in with Windows (yay), but only offers 7 GB of free storage (nay). I would personally recommend MEGA as it offers 50 GB storage in the free tier.
  3. Continuation from #2, sync your “desktop” across devices. Here’s how: Create an empty folder called “Desktop” in your MEGA/OneDrive storage, and follow these steps Windows will automatically move all the files in your desktop to the new folder in your cloud. This is especially useful if you use the desktop to store files. You can do the same for all the other “default” folders like Documents, Pictures, Music, etc.
  4. Continuation from #1 and #2, move as much data as you can to the cloud, so a) it will be available in all your devices and b) its safe even if you lose all your devices. If you are concerned about privacy, MEGA has end-to-end encryption, and not backed by a big corporation, but instead some dude with three Mercedes CLK DTMs. (I swear Im not affiliated with him)

Now, uploading 50 GB of data will take quite a long time, and you may see some challenges along the way. You can simply let us know if you find any.


You could just become a college student and pass the time being swamped by exams :frowning: lucky for me I barely have time to think about the V I ordered during the flash sale… still hasn’t even hit me that I’ve bought one


Good thing your cats don’t complain about the delays :joy:


I think a separate thread for V accessories would be good!

I quite like your list by the way.


I procrastinate by worrying about when my V will get here… probably not the smartest thing to do. Though, if I already had my V, I’d spend all my time playing with it instead of studying.

Perhaps I should get back to work…


Try to not deliver their food on time … and you will see and hear them.


You better do that young man :nerd_face: :wink: