How to remove key without dismantling the whole keyboard?

Hi, I have a problem with my Eve keyboard - 2 keys are not working (the one for the number “one” and the key just above it, for “brightness down”). I guess this might be connected to the fact that on the opposite side the keyboard has a damage due to a fall. Anyways, what I want to do is to test, just in case, if blowing pressurized can air below the keys will make them work again. For that I want to remove the physical squared keys from the keyboard. Can I do this without completely dismatling the keyboard, just by pulling on the keys? Like it has been displayed in this video:

And if it is possible to take of a key like that - at which side should I apply the force with the screw driver at the top, bottom, left or right (see attached picture for orientation labels)?
Thanks, any other ideas for fixing my issue with the not working keys are welcome.
Screenshot from 2021-12-02 17-13-58

Hi @Nestak,

I’ve just gotten word from our Team that the Keys will break if you attempt to remove the Keycaps from the V.

I would highly advise you not to try this.

Are you still under warranty? Please contact our support team regarding this. Also, if you can DM me your Support Ticket number, I’ll be able to chase this up for you.

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Thanks for the answer!

  1. I managed somehow to remove the keycaps without breaking the keys. And I found that there is a burnt wire and I strongly assume this is the reason for the defect. Soldering should solve it, but it would need to be high precision. If your colleagues have advice how to solder the wires of the keyboard without disassembling the whole keyboard, instead soldering somehow through the opening of a keycap, I would be happy to elaborate to them my case and send them some pictures. Can you give me the contact of some of the engineers?
  2. I received my Eve laptop more than 24 months ago. Am I still eligible for the guarantee? I guess the fact that I removed the keycaps makes this question obsolete :slight_smile:
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I assume @MarvyMarvz was making a joke about the “warranty”. There was no warranty for the original V. Customers who had their keyboards break within months of receiving the units were told that their only option was to buy a new keyboard from Eve at a “special” price of $150. So, 24 months or 24 minutes, it wouldn’t have made any difference.

Hi @Nestak,

I would avoid attempting that again. Glad you got it off safely but it could have cost you your V.

Low-profile scissor-switch keys can be removed. It does take care, and it is not recommended. Using the wrong tool, using too much force, or using force in the wrong direction can damage the keycap or key mechanism, and even when careful, damage may occur as the components were not designed to be attached or detached after initial factory assembly.

Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to get an engineer to look at this. Did the support team get back to you regarding this?

As it was 2 years ago, I’m assuming this is the V (2017), which would mean that you’re not eligible.

I wasn’t aware that Nestak was an original V customer.

He can’t be a V2 customer because the V2s haven’t started shipping (through Eve). You may want to look at this thread:

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Does this also apply to the Eve 2021 keyboard? I’d like to switch some keys around

Hi there,

That is correct. This applies to V (2021) model as well.