How to increase V's TDP via throttle stop (no XTU)?

I have looked through quite a few topics already (mostly reviews) on using Throttlestop to undervolt my V. I’m quite happy with what i got so far.

What i would like to do now is to increase the CPU power from the default 7W to something like 9W. I don’t want my temps to go over 90 degrees celsius, so that is my upper limit.

Can you point me in the direction of how to achieve this?

Here’s the current throttlestop data and settings that i have:

Power limit reached:



On my intel i3 nuc i was able to change the power settings in the Turbo Boost Power Limits section of TPL (to 25W – 3.6Ghz always on turbo @80 degrees, holy shit!), but it seems on my V those are locked.

I have already set in bios to High Performance but i didn’t see any difference vs the normal performance mode.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

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Here’s the Nuc example:


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Sorry, don’t mean to detract from your question, but why not use XTU? Also how significant are the gains?

Because XTU is a piece of crap… I know it sounds bad, but i have had so many issues where it just doesn’t apply the undervolt, forgets it or who knows what else that i just don’t like it. It also consumes way more resources compared to Throttlestop.

If you mean the gains on my i3 nuc? I would say pretty big.
My nuc (i3-8109U) compiles just as fast a humongous java project (GitHub - metasfresh/metasfresh: We do Open Source ERP - Fast, Flexible & Free Software to scale your Business.) when compared to the i5 version of the same model (i5-8259U) that a colleague has. His also thermal throttles from time to time, while mine doesn’t. 3.5Ghz always active (the maximum this CPU can run at).

Plus the gpu (intel iris pro something) is actually decent enough that i can play some games on it @1080p (albeit on lowest graphics).

I probably have won the silicon lottery with the cpu, but i’ll take it :slight_smile: => hence my question about how to do the same with the V (for that moment when i have 40 chrome tabs open at the same time).