How to choose my laptop configuration ?!

I have used to buy highest specs for the last 6 years , for example when first core i cpu was introduced in laptops , I got i7 with 8 gb ram and 1 TB laptop , then when I decided to change my first generation core i7 laptop and buying 7th generation i7 one ( yeah it has been working for almost 7 years perfectly with me :smile: ) , I got my HP Elitebook x360 powered with 7600 vpro cpu , 16 GB DDR4 ram and 512 SSD with LTE module and finger print security !
this cost me 2600 $ to get I can get the i5 , 8gb ram ,256 ssd without LTE module for 1600$ ( about 1000$ less ) , also when I bought new mobile I want to try the Oneplus 5 I got the 8GB ram version ( and seriously I don’t know if there is real difference in performance for the extra 2 GB ram added or not ! ) .

So my question is how can I determine which configuration should I pick up for me , many people when I talk with them before buying any new device tell me get specs as much as you can pay !!! , but it has been always costing me alot of $$$ to get this highest specs ,

and my daily use for laptop can be summarized in 3 points :
1- Reading , writing and taking notes on go !
2- Browsing internet ( I may keep 15 or 20 tabs opened )
3- Watching movies and youtube !

this time when I buy the V device I want to make sure that the configuration I will choose to be best optimized for my purposes ,

Thank you!

The i5-version (of the V) should be fine for you then. Some might even suggest the i3-version, however I’d say the i5 is a bit more future-proof. So if you can spend the money, get an i5.


For what you wrote, i3 is enough for you :slight_smile: So take EVE V i5 to be extra sure… no need for military pack sized pc with antena, etc.

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When I bought my HP , I asked a friend told me take i7- 16 gb ram to be future proof :smile: , as he knows me will that I keep device for me at least 3 years till I change it , but Will i5- 8gb be ok for 3 years usage ?

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Absolutely, i5 should do it’s work for about 5 years.
My desktop PC has an i5 and I use it for about 6 years now, still working quite fine. So even the V has a mobile CPU it should suffice.

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Ok, here’s my personal approach to choosing specs for people (when building Desktops mostly, but for notebooks it goes the same):

  1. Get their rough price-point they want to spend
  2. Get their usage for the device
  3. Based on 2 with the influence of 1 decide on the spec

In your case: Since you’re looking at a pretty light load in my opinion (worst should be the browser with 20 tabs open but even those have become better - right now I’m sitting at 15 Tabs with ~7 GB in use) it mostly depends on what you have open in those tabs - since different web pages take different amount of RAM. e.g. my Facebook Tab ate ~300MB of RAM while the reddit one was at around 40.
Bear in mind I’m using my Desktop with 16GB RAM so Windows might allocate a tad more than it needs to.

I think as the other people in the thread that the i5/m3 should be sufficient :slight_smile:


I think for now the i5-8gb ram will be more than enough but , what about future !
I mean from 5 years ago 4 gb ram was very enough for tasks like I mentioned but now it is extinct :joy:

I’m afraid of buying the i5 - 8gb ram now and 2 years from now , start lagging and become as 4gb ram for now

Right now I’m opening 12 tabs and 6 words document , one note , 3 powerpoint presentations ram used is 5 GB
but I think that apps and programs each update need more ram Is this right ?

Thank you

Just go by the “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” rule. If your current laptop provides sufficient performance, don’t buy anything more powerful unless you can really afford it easily. If you need a bit more power, don’t buy the most powerful thing you can get, just buy something that is sufficient. If you experience just slight lagging at times, maybe upgrading to an SSD is enough. Or maybe you need a 10% CPU speed increase. But you don’t need a 100% faster CPU or double the amount of RAM.
Oh and don’t forget to think how long you’re gonna keep the device and how much faster you’ll need it to be after that time.

Oh and 4GB is still enough for the tasks you named. Nothing really changed that much…

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Personally, I see the lifetime of the battery dying before the technology becoming outdated. After that point, I start looking at lightweight distributions if need be.

My Macbook Air 2013 (i5 with 4 GB RAM) is still zipping away quite nicely despite the low RAM. I’m not sure if it’s the OS, the fast SSD or both that is keeping it current.

I went for the i5 8GB 256GB Eve V for price/performance/need balance. For what you have mentioned, even the lowest spec Eve V would be fine and I would look at changing your workflow if you are having 15-20 tabs open in a browser rather than trying to spec around it.

As @pauliunas has said, you have to ask why you are buying a new laptop? Is it the portability factor? Given the use cases, would a tablet be better and cheaper?

No. I regularly find myself with over 100 tabs open. That is my workflow and I’m not going to change it just because I ran out of RAM… Instead, I stopped using Chrome for that reason. Firefox nicely fits all of it in less than 1GB. I’d advise everyone to do the same.

Changing your workflow is not a solution. It’s like… my computer’s network card is dead. Will you tell me to just forget the internet and find another activity, or will you tell me to fix it?

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C’mon, that’s not in the same problem domain. Something comparable would be if you had a slower network speed.

Going from Chrome to Firefox is arguably changing your workflow. Not all extensions exist on both browsers and there are differences between the two programs in terms of behaviour.

I had to switch from Chrome to Firefox due to a WebGL bug in Chrome on my Mac which meant I had to relearn how to use the Firefox debugger and also lose some functionality from extensions I commonly use.


Well, if I can get faster internet, then why not? Why should I change my browsing habits? I mean if a gigabit was not enough for me, then the logical step would be to change my workflow. Because that’s already out of the norm. Having 20 tabs open is nothing spectacular… lots of people do it, and you shouldn’t be afraid of doing it too unless you can’t afford a fast enough computer.

About extensions, I never used anything that doesn’t have a Chrome equivalent. They often come from a different developer, but you can almost always find an equivalent plugin. And the debuggers work in quite a similar way from my experience.

Anyway, there’s no need to switch. If buying more RAM won’t hurt you financially, you should buy more RAM instead of switching browsers. I switched because I had privacy concerns and because I wasn’t using any features that would be hard to get used to in a new browser.

Changing the way you use your computer is a temporary solution, but in the long term it’s a bit painful. People should use their computers the way they want, not the way their current hardware is capable of, unless there are financial concerns.

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RAM is important. For example AutoCAD is growing from year to year and wants always more RAM. I am working with AutoCAD since 2012 daily.
I am not going to work with the eve and AutoCAD. the Eve will replace my Chromebook for the couch and traveling.

If you can afford the version with more ram buy it.
First I thought yeah the i5 is ok. Now a checked my financial and I am going to by the better version.

The software and website will be more complex from year to year because of new technology.

Yes definitely. I’m writing this comment on a 3ish years old surface pro 3. The V has the advantage of thunderbolt 3 port which is huge for futureproofing . Also Eve may (hopefully) have a spare parts section to their web store if you ever break anything.

My opionion like you , but after reading many replies I’m thinking why should I pay more money for extra rams and I won’t use them ? even after 3 or 4 years of buying the i5-8gb ram then it becomes old and can’t handle my tasks at same time the i7-16gb will be old too in both cases I better change them right ?

I mean if I bought the i5 - 8gb ram today and after 3 or 4 years I find my self want upgrade I can easily pick new one ( generation of that year ) but If I buy now the highest sepcs i7 (pricy ) it will be harder to change it if newer cpu required later !

That’s a good point. Perhaps I should buy the i5 with 8 GB ram and take the difference to buy something else.

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Yeah actually I’m planning to use the difference in price ( I don’t know how much , but I think it will be about 400$ ) to buy dock station , sharp monitor and make complete setup for my V device !

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There is something I forgot to tell , I’m planning in the eve V setup to connect the device with 2 external monitors and use 2 different desktops for example one opens my university books and the next to open presentations , browse internet …
will the i5-8gb ram module handel this too

Yup. Multiple (virtual) desktops are the same as all Apps on one desktop.

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Yeah well you see, @Poda didn’t say he uses Autocad. Of course, if you use some specific software, you have different requirements. But if you already use it, you can see what you need and predict what you’ll need in n years.

V can handle 3 monitors (that includes the internal one). Same for all the versions… because the graphics chip is the same :slight_smile: