How much should Spectrum 4k seriously cost?

I am ashamed of how far we have come… So many delays, the price goes up every year and to top it off, the accessories, support and coating are sold separately! Those 16 or 32 zones of edge led local dimming do NOT cost those 800-900€/$…

It’s not worth it for one simple reason: The Sony Inzone M9 is the first product or benchmark to improve the offering over time if you use Full Array Local Dimming or higher systems, desktop OLED is on its way! If you don’t use backlight strobing. You have better deals than this. I won’t repeat it anymore… But this lighting system used or used by low-end LED TVs is the one that achieves shallower blacks among LED TVs. This means that you will suffer a little more when viewing especially dark scenes, although in return, televisions that use this technology are usually the cheapest and most accessible for those who do not want to spend too much money. That’s the benchmark… I don’t care if the Spectrum is marketed as an HDR monitor. People have been waiting a long time for their monitor and now they are bringing out the glossy coating! For you to spend more than the initial investment. This should have been included! People wouldn’t have to wait until August and even worse the QHD 280 Hz model won’t arrive until November hopefully! But to 2023!! Are we crazy or what!? I’m tired of people not having specific dates. When it says x month, shipments start at the end of that month! Or delivered the following month! No more lies! The more time passes. There could be another better monitor or at least a better offer. It has happened right now, this monitor is meaningless. Shipments are supposed to be for July, not August. I’m talking about the 4K Glossy version. Spectrum could have gotten Full Array Local Dimming for the future. He has settled on specializing in SDR. I don’t know who decided this, but it is to lower costs or so that people don’t pay as much… It’s absurd. There are features that make the Spectrum unique but time and money… It has made it lose even more value than it was given at the beginning. 2-3 years later, the monitors have still not been manufactured and delivered to the vast majority of customers. It is clearly not a scam, you can ask for a refund whenever you want. I got mine for various reasons and other needs. But I consider this as a BAD deal for consumers or future customers. There has been no transparency with the dates, these monitors arrive very late on the market and the price that is asked for them and on top of that parts are sold separately! It’s the worst deal by far. I would prefer that there be honesty with the clients and say: the development lasts 2-3 years. We will not manufacture it until x month and we will send it 2 months later before quality control. Really, you don’t need so many publications or news, it’s fine on the one hand but DO NOT hide the dates. I regret spending so much time and interest on this. It’s another very expensive product but it really isn’t worth it. In its day it was the first monitor with HDMI 2.1 and now, what is left? Will there be another glossy monitor from another company? I’m being too harsh but I knew the KSF layer was a problem and I didn’t want this monitor to have any more issues.
I am quite disappointed and… I think this is the last time I reserve/purchase a product like this.


For a long time, the closest competitor in terms of functionality has been LG’s 27GP950. They use the same panel, and there’s a couple of things that the LG does better and a couple of things that the Spectrum does better, but overall it’s largely a draw.

The LG’s recommended retail price is USD $900 / GBP £800.

Sony’s InZone M9 certainly has a better backlight than the Spectrum. But it’s missing any form of USB power delivery, and the stand’s styling will be very divisive. It’s very much a gaming-focussed monitor, where the Spectrum is a little more balanced with productivity.

The Sony’s recommended retail price is USD $900 / GBP £1000.

Based on this, The Spectrum’s pricing is about right. It’s missing some things that its competitors have, but it also has less garish styling and 100W USB-C power delivery. Those features are important to some people.

Sony are also a year later to market with their screen. A year is a long time, especially with lots of companies working on improving display technology right now. No doubt there will be something coming out mid next year at the same price range, that makes Sony’s display look like garbage in comparison.


Are Eve still having fulfilment challenges?

I try to understand from your point of view but the price of Spectrum is not correct. For few reasons:

  1. The LG 27GP950-B with HDMI 2.1 came out a year ago, just like Spectrum 4K. The difference is in the delivery and meeting the demand, I am reading comments that there are people since last year and other people who have ordered the matte and have not received it. They introduced the glossy model and it has taken them 5-6 months… Wow… It would be appreciated if this had been introduced early on in the development of Spectrum 4K. Maybe it wouldn’t overlap along with the development of Spectrum QHD, it makes me angry to wait so long when they are introducing some more interesting monitors on the market. For the price… Could have been great for playing HDR content. There is no valid justification.

  2. Did you know that the LG 27GP950-B costs 699€? It is on sale and does not sell the stand separately or the cables… For a person who wants to renew his screen or buy for the first time. It’s stupid that the 4K matte screen costs only 899€. It is true that Spectrum has backlight strobing and is possibly functional at the same time with VRR. But we had been waiting for so long waiting for some information or something… The Chief Blur Busters warned the KSF layer! It is a problem as well. Between that and other features, that’s great. But waiting so long and at the same time being so expensive and the local dimming system that sucks… It really puts me off.

  3. The Sony Inzone M9 may have arrived late but not as late as this… The design may matter to you more or less and it has USB-C type (I don’t know how much power it will deliver). It’s really not a bad monitor! What happens is that Spectrum 4K is very expensive… If you add the extras, it costs more than €1,099. It’s embarrassing, it’s a damn shame… For that you buy the Sony Inzone M9 or the Samsung Odyseey Neo G8 4K 240 Hz with HDMI 2.1 + Mini LED.

I don’t know if you understand my point of view. But it depends on the performance of the monitor and the price clearly. Perhaps it is worth stretching the investment more or paying less when you compare one product or another. I was sad to ask for a refund for my Spectrum QHD 280 Hz Glossy because I’m seeing other better things… You don’t know how angry it makes me to wait so long… Reserve/pay for a product and not receive it for 2 years when I personally… I don’t have a monitor since I returned one at the beginning of 2020 because I didn’t like it and it didn’t comply my expectations. Plus, it had VESA’s bloody fucking HDR 400 Display spec. It’s useless!
400 nits vs 600 nits is not a drastic change seriously… The drastic change is based on the panel itself + a much better local dimming system, something that complies. Not 16 or 32 zones… Please! This monitor costs 899€! Really!? We continue with a native 8-bit panel. No wonder Dolby Vision never makes it to desktop screens…

It’s the same situation with the Eve V2. When it was first sold, over 18 months ago, the price was competitive. But since then, there have been many sales for an equivalent Surface Pro or other competing models which you could buy at much cheaper prices than the V2 (and receive them straight away). And of course, most manufacturers have moved on with the latest processors, and sold off their 2020/21 stock at a discount. Eve continues to try to sell their out-of-date V2 at prices that are even higher than the original prices. I’d be surprised if anyone is buying them now - they are just not competitive any more.

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Whether Eve are price competitive or not depends a lot on who you consider their competition to be.

Since the Spectrum came out, there has been a lot of additional competition in the 4K gaming monitor market. Some of these came out with prices below what the Spectrum sells at, and others have become mainstream enough in the market that they’re selling below their recommended retail price.

But the Spectrum has a relatively unique feature set amongst its competitors, which helps set it apart:

  • IPS panel rather than TN or VA.
    • IPS has far superior viewing angles and more accurate colours.
    • VA’s main advantage is better contrast.
    • TN’s main advantage is faster refresh rates.
  • Factory colour calibration.
    • It’s not perfect, but the Spectrum is showing closer to true colours (straight out of the box) than most of its rivals.
  • USB-C with power delivery.
    • It’s relatively uncommon for 4K gaming monitors to have USB-C with DP alt mode support at all.
    • It’s very uncommon for USB-C ports to support power delivery. Many are just dumb 5V @ 10-15W.
    • It’s rare for power delivery to exceed 65W, which isn’t enough to power computers that are capable of gaming at 4K with high refresh rates.
  • Design that wouldn’t look out of place in an office environment.

USB PD is a particularly important differentiator. There are very very very few gaming monitors out there that can use a single USB-C cable to connect and charge a MacBook Pro. This may not be a killer feature for everyone - but for the people that care about it, it basically rules out most of the competition.

That’s why the Spectrum can sell for as much as it does. It has a fairly unique overall feature set. If those features aren’t that important to you, and there’s another cheaper monitor that suits your needs: go and buy the other monitor. Nobody is forcing you to buy the Spectrum. But if the Spectrum’s features are important, the price being asked is not out of line with industry norms.