How many PCI lanes are there for the Thunderbolt port?

Hi, I would like to know how many PCI lanes are there for the Thunderbolt port of my Eve 5 that I have since Jan 2019? I need this info, because I would like to figure out if it is worth to get my self an external GPU and the youtube tutorials say I should check the number of PCI lanes. FYI, I will use the GPU for running machine learning code with tensorflow/ceras. Any comments to what I should pay attention when getting the eGPU for the Eve or why I shouldn’t get a eGPU are appreciated! Tnx

The Thunderbolt 3 port on the Eve V has four PCIe-lanes assigned to it, and should function well for eGPU use.

Here are some topics where people have shared their experiences and test results of using eGPUs with the V:

Admittedly, they’ve tested with games and not with machine learning… But maybe their experiences will help you find your answers.


Helios is absolutely right. I’ve tested with my monitor which supports up to 3440x1440@120. Only TB3 at PCI-e x4 can power that beast at full resolution at 120Hz. Eve has done a good job in delivering the best of TB3 in V.


@Helios @motss564837 Thanks a for the replies and the links, these help a lot!

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