How I get a working keyboard V1?

Hi forum,

A few years ago, I bought the Eve V (version 1). Unfortunately, after a few months I had problems with the keyboard.

Keyboard-Problem got worse

And it got worse and worse.
The support from the distributor was OK at first. But when it came to exchanging it for a functioning one, it became very unpleasant.

At some point I gave up and thought I only use Eve V as a tablet and only some spar times with keyboard. It was intended more as a backup tool anyway.
But it is simply unsatisfactory.

Then the Keyboard-Problem has expanded. It is no longer usable at all.

So a few months ago I decided to replace the keyboard with a new V2 (which was recommended by support at some point).

The distribution company had changed in the meantime and the new support situation seemed even “changed”:
BUT: First, They told me that the V2 keyboard is incompatible with V1.
Then there was a false promises for the delivery time and also the stock situation, Then only “wrong”-language keyboards seams to be delivrable (a view emails before, all seams good). Then more and more extreme delays in communication and lot of the time I could only wait…
Then only fragmentary answers which delayed everything even more.

To cut a long story short: I need a DE-CH keyboard. They said there was only DE-DE. In the end it was only a FR (France) keyboard because the new V2 keyboards would not fit with Eve V (v1).

Because an alternative was missing - I bought a new Keyboard, but it is not delivered

At the end I ordered the French (wrong) keyboard and paid for it at the beginning of January, because the support promised that they will send the keyboard as soon as I bougth it. So it should be with me within a few days at the latest in 2 weeks.

No keyboard arrived I tried the tracking code sent to me. Then the delivery date promise was changed - put off until the end of January.
But only because I asked!
They wrote «… due to the supply chain issues, we have not been able to secure the stock needed to send your order at the time».

Now of February I’ve asked again and they wrote the same and put off until the end the end of February.

It feels extremely bad what the support is doing.


Is there any other way to get working keyboards for EVE V (Compatible to version 1)?

- Is there another support company/distributor or a more reliable place?

It feels like I’m just being stalled or possibly even ripped off here.

- Is it true: The Keyboard from Eve V (v2) does NOT fit to the Keyboard from Eve V (v1)?

That still sounds unbelievable to me.

I would be extremely happy about tips!
Would like finally be able to really use Eve V for what I actually bought it for…

Best regards

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Hi @mad99,

Apologies to hear your experience with the V Keyboard hasn’t been so great.

The V is compatible with any USB or Bluetooth keyboard.

The new V Keyboard is mechanically incompatible with the old V, and the other way around.

Rob’s post below explains why.

Hi @MarvyMarvz,
Thank you for your reply.

Would like to have a clean & lean Eve V system. with other usb/bluetooth tools it will not fit into the byed pocket.

Do you (or anyone else) know an other distributor as the official one?
Maybe they would have keyboards (with right language) left!?

From the email conversation it looks like the official distributor is waiting for what ever… Maybe new produced keyboards V1.
Do you know, is there a chance, the current stock will change because of new produced items. Or is the V1 dead at all?

Best regards

Hi @mad99,

Just out of curiosity, who did you speak to, from the support team, in regards to your replacement keyboard? If you have been in communications with the support team, please DM me your support ticket.

The connection between the V and the V Keyboard was custom-built for the V and the V Keyboard. I wouldn’t expect anything other than the V Keyboard to fit the V through pogo pin connectors.

Please stay in communication with Support, as they best to advise you on the current situation of your V Keyboard.

Nearly every V1 keyboard died meanwhile. It’s a 2017 tablet device that was not designed to last for decades. Most of the V1 owners even don’t use their device anymore (or just as a photo picture frame).
I’ve got two V’s and both died meanwhile with a cracked screen. The keyboard of the first one was broken… But the keyboard of the secons one (buyed in 2019/2020) is still functional. It’s a german QWERTZ layout. PM me and I can send it o you. If it works you can send me some cheese in return.

Hi @MarvyMarvz,
Thanks again for your reply.

Just out of curiosity, who did you speak to, from the support team, in regards to your replacement keyboard?

A few of them:
First: Yaroslava, Eve Devices Customer Support
Last: Terry - Eve Customer Support Agent (Eve Distribution Limited)

If you have been in communications with the support team, please DM me your support ticket.

The DM with support Ticket ist on the way to you!

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Hey @dibadibadu,
Thank you for the honest assessment.
Then I almost have to be glad that my device doesn’t have a cracked screen yet.

Really sad. :disappointed_relieved:

I will gladly receive your offer “with the cheese”. :cheese:
I almost think, even though I paid for it, the keyboard won’t find its way to me.
The support doesn’t seem to know exactly what they are doing (or maybe very exactly…)

Thank you again
PM will follow

@mad99 Given @dibadibadu’s kind offer, I would recommend you cancel your order from Eve and request a refund. As you say, they have failed to deliver within the agreed timescales.

Hey @Phil,
Thank you for your mention. I had first the same idea.

But I have first check if @dibadibadu 's keyboard is working without problems. It may be a longer time since his screen was demaged/broken. An all in all it seems in general Eve V stuff are not necessarily designed to last.
So maybe the “breaking point” for @dibadibadu 's keyboard has already been reached in the meantime, even without use.

I’ve used my keyboard less than 20 times and have always stored it in the case I bought with it in the meantime… Nevertheless (even without use) it finally started to type “ppppppp” endless.

Therefore, I think, even if dibadibadu’s keyboard will work, I would possibly keep the additional “Wrong” French as a reserve, if also keyboard again broken within a few weeks or months.

All in all, my target is to use Eve V vor what I bought it and enough keys to replace the wrong French ones I would then have guaranteed… :wink:

And to be honest I hope it helps/accelerates the send-process if @MarvyMarvz at least “looks more closely” at the support-processes. Perhaps he has a different impact than I do as a simple customer.

But my hope is honestly very low, because so far at the distributor everything went wrong that is possible and the behavior is anything but customer-friendly.

I’m really curious to see if it will still turn positive in the end …

Hi @mad99,

I’ve passed this along and you should get a response soon.

@mad99 Out of interest, how much are they charging you for this wrong French keyboard?

Hey @Phil



Hey @MarvyMarvz,
Thank you very mutch, I appreciate that a lot!

Hi @MarvyMarvz,
Got an answser: Thank you

I have been informed you were looking for our assistance.

Shipping is an ongoing process we expect all existing orders to ship this month.
Once I have a more accurate estimate I will get back to you.

But to be honest => Nothing has really changed.

On the contrary it got worse

  • «Shipping is an ongoing process»
  • «They expect»
  • they will get back to me once there is a «more accurate estimate»

Maybe I missunderstood some basics or my expectations are just too high due to ALL other stores:

First: Shipping is an ongoing process

For me and a lot of companies Shipping is a Process with a lot simple steps:

  • Check the stock
  • If in stock > pack part
  • Hand over to shipping department
  • Hand over to shipping third party supplier
  • The third party supplier has again some simple steps

After 3 weeks even every package from China arrives in Europe.
But somehow obviously it doesn’t work in at the first step: Check the stock.

Second: Expectations in a professional company

As I have now read everywhere in the forum is to 99% no new keyboards for Eve V v1 produced. So no ongoing production what could create delays.
So why no clear date?
Something just sounds very unprofessional with this «we expect all existing orders , …».
And why no clear announcement about my specific purchase …

The fooling "Shippings an ongoing process doesn’t make it more trustworthy.

Third: we will …

From my own experience and the reports on the forum, it seems more likely that just rarely to never does “unsolicited” feedback come.
No matter how big the delay always expands.

I got a reply thanks to you @MarvyMarvz.
But there is nothing clear or confidence-building in it. Quite the opposite.

Not your fault

Thanks @MarvyMarvz: You’ve done your best.
But the whole thing feels more and more like a rip-off.

Really bad experience

evedevices,com manages to regret a purchase before you even get to see anything of what you’ve bought. Awesome performance.

Too bad for all the effort the community puts into new products. The reputation is stronger than any price or feature.

I think support thinks you’re ordering a spectrum as that’s the message they’re giving to spectrum customers at the moment. Wow! €144 is a lot of money for an old keyboard that Eve has lying around (or maybe doesn’t have at all) for a tablet they no longer sell. I’m not sure that the tablet itself is worth much more than that given the processor is over 5 years old.

you are right @Phil,
You always have to consider my state of knowledge or belief at that time and the alternatives.

My believes in the past

I believed that it was my single keyboard and that Eve and the distribution company behind it basically supply reputable and high quality products at a lower price than the tech giants.
And that, if I ordered a new keyboard, it would also work for at least a couple of years like Logitech’s (15 years+ for a usb-keyboard for less money).

believes has changed

From the experience with the support and the information from this topic but also what I have read in the forum and web in the meantime, I was probably rather “too” naive.

Same again and again

@dibadibadu sent me his “old” working keyboard and unfortunately it too has some weird bugs. As soon as Eve V comes into contact with it, the display always jumps with the display “Automatic rotation on” => German “Automatische Drehung ein”.

see video

My keyboard always triggers the “P” or “ß” without stopping and @dibadibadu 's keyboard triggers the “Automatic rotation: On”.

And I am 100% sure that the keyboard used to work fine for dibadibadu.
It seems the keyboards have a time dependent key-execution-BUG throughout.

High price ready to pay

And @Phil, believe me I have asked more than 5 times for a decent price for an old keyboard that doesn’t even have the right language.

But some with monopoly position abuses this dependence and has perhaps forgotten that he can leave only therefore not decency or customer-oriented work. At some point, this behavior will probably catch up with him and the whole company.

Too bad for the product itself…

Alternatives in the past

My alternative before this knowledge was to buy a keyboard that is much thicker and clunkier and could only be connected via USB.
I was naive enough to think that Eve V products were high quality.
Today I would not do that again.

I think the eventual some a day in the future sended keyboard will only work for a very short time (if at all) and then will trigger any mis-typing or kill by another bug because of bad quality.

Throwing in the towel is not mine

I don’t want to throw in the towel right away. It is not may way in life.
I have had the keyboard from Dibadibadu already 24h connected to the Eve V and charged via charger. And give the whole thing another 24 hours.

Little hope

But my hopes are very much diminished.
Because Dibadibadu’s keyboard, no matter which key I press get’s no reaction in Eve V. Only just without interruption this “Automatic rotation: On”.
I cleaned the pins, from keyboard and Eve V. Started, … restarted, … with and without keyboard attached… more then §0 times, …

And Dibadibadu has sent the keyboard super packaged.
Everything was done perfectly by him.
Awesome, thanks a lot @dibadibadu => You deserve more than a cheese for this.

But broken keyboards are hard to bring to life

But in the end, his keyboard probably won’t have survived either. It seems no keyboard from Eve V v1 can. At least not the extent you would expect from professionally made products.


If someone has a tip for me, what I have to do (or to do different) that Eve V recognizes/accepts a “different” keyboard as a keyboard and does not arbitrarily trigger any weird commands, I am more then happy about it!

Hey Martin,

sorry for the unconvienience with my device. Lots of unhappy customers are actually using the brydge wireless keyboard for Surface 4-7.
Brydge 12.3 Pro+ | Keyboard with Touchpad for Surface Pro

I just heard good reviews for that device…

you can even use it as cover because the hinge fits to the V…

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Your …pppppppp… problem could maybe solved in trying to lift the keycap from the scissors mechanism and clean the pressure point. If something gets damaged you maybe could use the spare parts of my keyboard.

AFAIK the “automtic rotation on” is a problem that was often discussed here. I even had it with my first V. Just try to pull the keyboard a bit to the left and to the rigt when connected to the V to secure that the pogo-pins are centered in their position they should be…

Hey Dietmar,
Thank you very mutch @dibadibadu for your tip with the Brydge.
I found this recommendation in more then one other Forum-Topic since I opened this topic.

my next step/buy I think

Especially your “you can even use it as cover, because the hinge tigs to the V…” helps a lot. That was the point that stopped me the most and the question (fits it well from sice/thikness) was not really answered.
Perfect again in advance. Thank you for all!

Keykap pressure point cleanup

Your “hack” with the keykap was also the tip years ago when I first contacted support about it (shortly after purchase). At that time Eve support was at least supportiv. But at the end not really helpful, because they delayed the whole thing until the warranty was no longer effective.

Unfortunately, it did not help at that time. I removed the cap and tried to remove some durt or other with soft vacuum cleaner or a piky object. But there was nothing in the pressure point.

In the meantime, it has in the community perhaps step-by-step HowTows for it or knew knowledge.
##Question: Better way to clean the pressure point
=> Is there any trick I could use when I removed the keyboard cap (black) to clean the keyboard/presure point?

My final assumption in the past

At that first time only the “P” key was the problem. Later the “ß” key was added. That’s why I thought it probably had more to do with the wire that “connects” these two keys or “detects” their click…

Helping with the “automatic rotation”.

Thank you too for the tip with the pogo-pin-pulling.
I can stop the output “automatic rotation on” with (sometimes).
But the keyboard does still not tirgger any output in Eve V. But I will try to let it charge over the weekend. With the pogo-pin-pulling in the position where is no automatic rotation on" output. Maybe only there is a connection to the power for the keyboard.

Question: Record that keyboard is connected

Or is there some solution in Eve V (Tablet) where I can see, if the keyboard is connected (true/false)? So I could be sure, the keyboard get’s power to charge…?

As always, I’m absolutely happy for any help or tips on how to change the problem or my maybe my wrong approach.

Unfortunately also the second keyboard from @dibadibadu is broken. I could not bring it back to life. All the pin shifting did not solve the problem with the missing output. It does not produce any reaction in the Eve V…

I am convinced that it is pointless to wait for the Eve V v1 keyboard.

I’m quite sure the keyboard will not sent in in an acceptable time and when it is eventually shipped, this keyboard is probably already broken or will be broken in a very short time (less then 2 years), like probably all V1 keyboards shipped.

At least almost every comment and account of experiences points precisely in the direction that this assumption will come true.

And the comments of non-refundable payments in other situations in the forum do not give much hope that this will happen without prolbems when I contact the distribution-Unit directly.

What is the best way to get the money back?
What do you advise?
Or can you possibly initiate this more directly.
Would be great if you could help.

Best regards