How I ended up here

A few hours ago I ordered the new surface pro i5 8gb then I canceled the order and ordered the i7 8gb model then while I was looking for first day reviews of it I saw the eve v I quickly canceled my order again and joined the community. Can’t wait!!


Another Surface Switcher… Heheheh The V is strong with this one! :joy:

Seriously though, welcome to the community!


Welcome to community! I am sure you will not regret canceling all those surfaces :slight_smile:


Welcome and enjoy your stay

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I was also buying the cheaper 4gigi5 surface pro 4 but I saw this on YouTube and stopped .

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Thanks guys feels like I dodged a bullet.

How often you can hear words from the company founder to your first post? That’s Eve for you!

Welcome aboard, OP. Hold tight!


Not often, and that’s what makes this product so special they understand the importance of the community. The hard part is remaining as connected after all the success that’s coming their way. Congrats @Konstantinos and the eve v team.