How do you open the SD card reader tray?

Can anyone let me know how to open the SD card reader tray? I see a pinhole but inserting a paper clip did nothing. Seems rather odd to have to open it with a paper clip anyway but gave it a shot. Thanks.

Hey @Kvizier

There should be a tray removal tool in the envelope that came with the V. A bent paperclip or any other SIM/SD tray removal tool should work, as it is a push lever just like you would find in any phone :slight_smile:

Okay I’ll give it another shot. How hard do you have to press to get the portal open. Pushed the paper clip in pretty hard with no results. I’ll try the removal tool. Thanks.

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It worked on my end with the provided removal tool. I didn’t try with a paperclip, which might be too thick to really get inside the hole.

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Just enough pressure to press the lever so the tray will be released. Should be similar to any modern phone SIM tray if that helps. I would recommend using the tool instead of a paper clip but either should work.

Thanks. I used the tool to open the tray. Seems you have to press pretty hard and I don’t think I was applying enough pressure. But now that I opened it once it opens pretty easy so maybe it was just a bit tight to begin with.

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Glad to hear you got it to open!

Could have been! I had the something similar with my iPhone where I had to put immense pressure, more than I was comfortable with, and it had just been manufactured :slight_smile: