How do you get a refund?

Not even a week having it, and most of that week was spent out of town… Ive had problem after problem. Video gaming and computer use are totally unreliable. Everything will black out the monitor bios wont even work, and then I will need to unplug the power for 15 min for it to even work again. And my original problem was some serious ghosting that comes and goes.

All I have had was issues, including the 2 year wait time it took to get me the monitor. Anyone know how I can get a refund?


Hey @bdubgnarkill,

Sorry to hear that you’ve not had the expected experience with your Spectrum, please contact our support team , and they will provide assistance with troubleshooting, or resolving your request. If you would like to have a read through our returns, and warranty policies here are the links:

Terms and Conditions

Warranty Policy


Hi @bdubgnarkill,

In addition to what Tom has said.

If you can let me know the issues you are running into on your Spectrum, I should be able to assist you.


I cannot get any help with this. I messaged Customer Support 11 days ago and still no contact on my monitor. All sorts of bad issues!


Hi @bdubgnarkill,

Please forward me your ticket number via DM so I can try to reach support for you.

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Im in an awkward position here. I dont want to be spewing toxic garbage out there about this company and the Spectrum Device, but I also want to be heard.

As soon as I received my monitor in the mail, I plugged it in and it was having very obvious and terrible issues. Ghosting and everything going black. A huge disappointment after waiting almost 2 years to get this. Another reason that its frustrating is because in that time, many other monitors came out, many that I could just order and get in a week. I tried to get my issue resolved but after not getting the help I needed, I want to return it.

After waiting almost two weeks for support to contact me back about a refund, they said that I can return it, but need to charge me a 20% restocking fee. I felt that this was unacceptable. The monitor doesnt work property.

I dont know who I need to talk to but I would be so gracious for any help. If I can get a monitor that works, I would be happy at that point. Or I just want a refund to go buy one that works.


@bdubgnarkill My reply was deleted by Eve even though it didn’t break any community guidelines. Anyway, just to reiterate, according to Eve T&C, if the monitor was DOA, you are entitled to a replacement. You can point customer service to the relevant clause, and perhaps one of the moderators here can help.

Message to Eve: if you delete my messages, please can you indicate why you are deleting them.


Thank you, I just have my monitor sitting in the corner of my room not being used, and were going on a month of that. Just wondering when I can get customer service to respond.

can I have some help getting a refund I made two by accident and didn’t realize you could upgrade my existing order which should happen today I contacted support but I need the orders canceled today for budgeting reasons can a community Mod maybe help me out

Hi @TechBox,

Shoot me a DM and let me try to help you out!

Hello. No response from support regarding my issues. Screen blacks out and requires restart, regardless of device input. “No signal” prompt appears constantly. Tried replacement cables. I patiently waited 1 1/2 years for this monitor. I respectfully request a pro-rated refund. I have all original packing material and unit is in mint condition. Model ES07D03. Serial EVE212800062. Thank you.

Hi @johnshepherd,

This is something we are aware of and we are looking to the exact cause of this.

Please check out the below topic.

Which firmware version are you using?

I have updated to 105 today, and that just barely happened. I would love to post a video of what happens with my screen, it just constantly flickers. Obviously unusable for any sort of gaming or even professional environment. Too early to tell if it just blacks out yet.

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Hi @bdubgnarkill,

Please keep us posted and let us know if we can assist you any further.

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How do I resolve the non stop screen bouncing? Can I post a video of it in here?

Nope. Still the same issues. Screen bounces and ghosts, and then just turns off and cant change anything

Hi @bdubgnarkill ,

On the OSD (on-screen menu) setting, there is a VRR/Adaptive Sync setting that you can try and disable. See if that helps. You should also try different cables and see if it makes any difference

What kind of setup do you have exactly. What specs?

I just turned off VRR and its till going.

Ive got a 2070 super in my pc, pc to the monitor via Display Port.
PS5 to monitor via HDMI 2.0 and 2.1… tired both
Xbox Series X via HDMI 2.0 and 2.1… tried both

Getting mad ghosting over here still, and I still have not heard from Support on helping me get a replacement!

105, still getting ghosting and screen will black out and become unusable until I unplug it for a minute.