How do I know if I need to update my Firmware

Hey all! Just received my EVE after a very long wait (since Nov 2020) and I gotta say the thing is incredible. I’m loving it and loving the build quality. Shame EVE couldn’t get their shipping/customer service/marketing in line with the quality of the actual monitor but that’s another story.

Anyways, my question is how do I know if I need to update the Firmware? Everything seems to be working fine and after some adjustment, the picture looks great.

Any help is appreciated. Thx!

As an IT guy:
Only update if you have problems / features you need.

If everything works as it should, I wouldn’t risk an update on this stage of the firmware.
Maybe wait 1 or 2 releases until the firmware grows more mature and stable.
(Less of a point on firmware 104 and newer because it supports a rollback, the firmware which you run, 102, wont support this. So if something breaks with 104, you cant go back to 102)


OK. Cool. Good to know. Thx. I’m comfortable around my PC but messing with the firmware of my monitor is something I’m not super comfortable with. Thx for the response.


Yeah, I understand this, firmware on embedded devices is… well… a fragile thing :smiley:

As I said: Everything after 104 supports rollback to firmware 104+, at this moment in time you can theoretically play around with every firmware and go back to the best working but waiting for firmware to mature is nearly always a good thing.

Have fun with your Monitor! :slight_smile:

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Don’t update yet if you’re not having any issues. Firmware 104 has flickering and screen blanking issues. You can’t downgrade from 104 once you update either, so you’re stuck until Eve releases a fix.


I’m on 102 with an Xbox series S.
Brightness is at 100 but I feel like things can be brighter.

One day while playing zombies I noticed an invisible line down the left side of screen. Turned monitor off then on and monitor was fine after that.

Connected my laptop to hdmi 2 and no input. Worked the day before without issues.

Yesterday on zombies the monitor randomly went black for about 3-4 seconds. Lucky it was the end of the round. I survived lol.

When the time comes, where’s the instructions on how to update ?


You will need to download firmware 102 R875. From their website. The firmware addresses the hdr In the xbox series consoles. They improved upon it as well In firmware 104. Firmware 104 does include firmware 102R875 as well.

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Website for the firmware:
(In the drop down „contact us“ you can select „download“)

As @LoneWolf pointed out, I would start with 102, check if everything worlds, if not, use 104.

you can look in the manual page 36 for information around the firmware update process.


I wish I knew it sooner. Seems I’m stuck with super expensive flickering screen :frowning:

You can now downgrade back to the original firmware, look through this forum for a dropbox link on how to downgrade back to 102