How did the T1 get funded?

Looking at the current struggles with funding, I was wondering how eve-tech was able to produce the T1 without investor or Indiegogo campaign.

Maybe profits from indegogo?

At T1 Eve didn’t have such trouble with the payment processor which freeze their lots of funds
(This seems to show that Eve actually use much profit to run operation, they themself don’t have much funds) Also the order amount of the V in Dec 4th may not be the same world as T1, then worsen this situation

Just my reckoning

Please remember that the T1’s price was about 160 euros / 175 US dollars at the time (2015).
So the economies of operation were significantly less demanding than with the V.

T1 was an affordable, generic entry level device and very much different compared to the V.

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Plus - it was just re-branding/re-sale of existing device.

That together clears things up quite a bit. Thanks guys <3