How competitive is the webcam?

So, I finally just got to the point in my real-world testing of the web cam on the V. A simple test in Skype with average to better lighting seem to indicate is has a great deal of graininess. Worse than my 2012 MBP for sure any nowhere need 2017 standards. I know the community de-emphasized the webcam; however, this is reminding me of a Logitech in the early to mid 2000s. It’s certainly not a good enough image to use in a professional setting which is why I bought my V for. It’s downright embarrassing.

Has anyone found the “perfect” setting/config to make this usable?

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YEah, external USB webcam

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Yes there is surelly lot of space to improve the webcam on the next generation product. I don’t see the point of the back camera module (also not so good, but again so asked community), those money would have been a better investment on the front camera module for example


Issue here was those who voted on specification 18 months back weren’t bothered.

This was an area the Team Eve should have taken a different path. Early stages though so partial forgiveness.

Crap cameras an Eve V failing and needs sorting for future versions

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Basically they invested in a poor rear camera that will be rarely used instead of spending the money on a front camera that makes you want to use it. So we have two cameras that no one will really want to use. It’s like you’re beaming in from the 90s. It’s a good pairing with the speakers at least.


Yeah, webcam was my disappointment because I use it a lot for video conferencing. Although I joined community to late and it was already voted against putting better front camera. It really a shame that team didn’t put effort anyway to put better camera, because from business perspective 2-in-1 devices are used in travel a lot for work etc. where video conferencing is most common way for remote meetings. Anyway from my tests that front camera gets decent video frame rate even in low light so that’s positive. And about grainines… well I can live with it.


I know that not ideal, but if video quality is very important to you one could still hook up a webcam using USB … And with the V you’d still have Ports left over.

Surely that’s kind of an unnecessary thing to carry with you, but on the other hand it’s not that big of an item (I bet it’s not worse than having to carry rocks or a ton of dongles with you on other devices) and you’d be good to go for those business meetings where quality really matters :wink: