How can we improve

Dear Community,

This post is about evolution!

We would like to know about what we are doing right and what we can do better :muscle: As you know, we are now focusing mostly on crowd-developing new products with Is this enough for you?

Our main question is: What kind of content would you like to see more of in our community? Something that is missing now or that we simply do not have enough of :slight_smile:

Why? Because we want our community to develop further so that we can create great products and great content. And let’s be honest… We have a unique opportunity to show what happens behind the scenes of the tech world to you. Of course, we don’t want to be spammy or provide low-quality content, so let’s talk about it!

Here are some of the ideas we have…

  • A short summary of where we are with each crowd development project and what are the next steps we are waiting for.
  • More discussions of tech news and what is happening today in the tech world
  • Pictures and videos of our trips to China, supplier meetings, factories, etc. etc.
  • Interesting products we find or see in China
  • Weird product ideas and new product concepts
  • Your idea goes here!

Now, back to open discussion! It would be awesome to hear the following from you:

  • What kind of content would you like to see or see more of on
  • What do you like or dislike most about
  • What do you think makes unique?

1, 2, 4 and 5 seems a good mix for me :innocent:

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These all seem like good ideas, but if I might make one suggestion, it would be to fulfill all outstanding orders before devoting time to work on new projects. I know many many people are still waiting, myself included, for their Eve V to arrive. It would be great @Konstantinos if you could contact me directly and sort this out thanks. Just a poor student trying to get his device to work on, so he doesn’t need to spend all his time at the public library computers.


Mr kk doesn’t sleep…he eats sleeps and breathes Eve! Rest assured, know that the team wants to deliver on every outstanding request or order and will move mountains to do so. Before anyone jumps on me for this…I’ve been here since 2016, as have many others.

  • Weekly update on what the status is for each project. I feel like some of the projects hit a standstill and haven’t had any meaningful contributions for a few days. It would be cool if you guys could drive the conversation towards manufacturing or the technology itself.
  • Open collaboration with tech experts. Whether that is certified engineers, professionals, or YouTubers. I want to hear what they need and have noticed are issues. And also gives legitimacy that we aren’t just buying a “typical Kickstarter” product

Well what is the benefit of

As the main product (the eve) is delievered we could difference between
things related to the Eve V, the new products or somethign else.

For me the ideas of Konstantinos are mostly related related to the nice behind the scene stuff.
Of course they are nice but I think the main focus people are here is the comunity to design products.
And as far as I see there are some new products to be designed.

I would like it to grow up to a mix of the current stage and some kind of LTT forum where it’s encouraged to discuss tech in general.
Maybe some Q&A type events with high profile/very knowledgeable people in the industry. And some more marketing magic behind Make it bigger then this site, there are more social media channels to be exploited here. Maybe a youtube series where someone interviews industry experts with more indepth questions (that might directly or indirectly related to the V). And try to get some youtube sponsorship ads for this community.

Though I do kinda agree with @porkhaus that this all should happen after all current orders are shipped. If only for the marketing reason behind it.


@TristanSchaaf I like the idea of LTT forums. In general it’s not so much for the marketing purposes (it’s more of a side effect) but rather for engaging current community and making sure it’s provides as much value as possible to members.

@Zampata makes sense we just think that creation process can result in a lot of additional content that community will find interesting.

@Mohammad_Hadi it’s an interesting idea. Would those experts be joining our community or would be be outside of

Fully agree on the projects as there is a lot of stuff happening in the background but we haven’t just shared it yet. As you know we’ve been inquiring from you folks what spec is needed next and that’s been the content we needed but we haven’t given back much in terms of content :slight_smile: For example next week we will be visiting headphone vendors!

@porkhaus we need to focus on new projects and moving forward with new partner to resolve any of the open challenges as @netkid23 said we are really doing all the best we can to help people with a problem.

@AML I think next step will be a poll :slight_smile:


I believe that the texperts either don’t know about the community currently, aren’t interested in joining it or are disillusioned.
If Eve would extend an invitation to them then they’d either remain uninterested, offer advice to Eve team directly or join the community. I believe that the second option will be the most likely one to develop, which is fine, we simply want their perspective, and, ultimately, it’ll be Eve Community and Team who will create a product together.

@Konstantinos I have to agree with @porkhaus to some extend.

I placed an order on a V very long ago, and finally cancelled it after more than a year waiting.
I’m still sitting here, with no product and no money, and looking back through the “news” history in here there is just no mention of when we can expect these issues to be resolved.

I get that this is an attempt to move Eve forward as a company and as a community. It just seems like poor management to make no mention of these other issues for months and then make a post like this.


I feel that the community should become the prime product of Eve, there for use marketing to get more people here and try to promote user incentives.

However, I also feel that in order for the community to grow Eve needs to have shown it can successfully build products and ship them within a reasonable time-span and not keep being reminded of troubles of the past, especially if those troubles are still present. That’s why I’d recommend fixing those problems before doing anything major with the community.

Getting ideas is never bad though.


As the ‘still present troubles of the past’ are the result of a paralysing lack of funds to solve them in a reasonable time frame, the only way (correct me if wrong) is starting developing new products to generate the very cash flow needed in order to be able to solve those problems.
However, those confronted by these diffilculties may feel more and more abandoned when seeing all the attention and all the energy invested in those new projects.
It looks as a ‘circular’ problem . . . :no_mouth: .


That’s why I’m saying to not focus on growing the community actively right now. Solve the issues and then actively grow the community. Not halt it in any way, just don’t put much energy into growth.


It is totally reasonable to focus on new projects and moving things forward.
It is not like that a Company can only focus on one topic at a time.Usually there are multiple streams in parallel which are ongoing.

Although I agree with AML: Don’t make the ones feel abandoned which enabled you to get into the spot where you are right now in the first place.

As I mentioned in another thread it would be really helpful for those which didn’t receive their Eve yet (myself included) to be more transparent about the status of the unfullfilled orders and refunds.

If you just decide to ignore them and continue pushing forward the development of new projects I suppose the community isn’t going anywhere as there will always be posts complaining about their unfullfiled orders/refunds just as they are in this thread.

That will definitly backfire on Eve, because from the outside it’ll kinda look like a toxic community. And that appeals to basically no one.

Best regards


I fully understand. I can’t give more info on this than us doing best to handle any of the outstanding issues like
and your case as soon as possible. For us as we mentioned in the previous update after having all of the issues with frozen funds and vendors it’s critical to get going forward with new projects to get additional investment to handle the cases faster. The current arrangement we have with our investors is based on milestones. One thing we can do here is being honest and that’s our situation now. We are doing the best we can and for sure want all of this handled as soon as only possible! Support is giving the best answer available right now.


This would also have been my inquiry, clean up the issues with the V and look ahead of things on the other projects so that no unpopular problems suddenly have to be communicated .

From the looks of it, it seems as though you are responding to a message from a disgruntled customer whose email expressing his problem has been erased.

Kudos to you for answering his query.

Kind of a bad look for a message thread about improving that customers with bonafide concerns are having their messages erased.


i totally agree, i am in a slightly different situation, but i would still think, there should also be focus on working on the backlog of orders

i now sometimes get mails/ offers for a eve v that will ship within a couple of days…

while i have been waiting 1 year

i very much like the concept, but please also remember the backers


I’d love to get everyone’s refunds paid so we can move on without having to worry about disgruntled customers.


Fully agree here. Trying to do best to get it sorted ASAP but we do need to move forward as a company to be able to do that. But we are on track now!