How about a chromebook?

Hey, guys hope y’all doing alright in 2020 we have seen many changes on our daily life for the obvious reason so students had to attend the online class nowadays so it gives me an idea of making eve Chromebook with a Chromebook based processor made by Qualcomm and MediaTek that can be a cheaper and tempting deal for college students. for specification, I can suggest a classic eve V design with cheerful pastel colour finishing here You can go fanless 2-in-1. 4 Gb ram for the base model up 8 Gb and 128 GB base storage up to 256GB for higher-end with expandable storage. you side camera one for taking pictures of note another for video conferencing as that Chromebook focused processors are power efficient you can give at least 47wh battery there you have it a decent unique Chromebook for college students, what do you think about this idea guys comment down below. have a great day.

I would rather have Windows 10 S (or full Windows 10 for that matter).

If you wish to use it like a Chromebook, just run Chrome and nothing else. You could always run the Chromium-based Edge, or download Google Chrome itself. Boom, you just got a Chromebook.

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well if you have Chrome OS with Android phone You have an ecosystem that Chromebook and android device can speak to each other which I won’t get in windows and I was speaking on behalf of students and Chromebook are cheaper than a windows machine and not all students will wanna spend 800$+ on
their device beside with new ChromeOS with SIM support we can Even use as a decent android tablet so these days ChromeOS is not only just a chrome app but also a capable Linux and android machine.

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